Chumming or chunking is an effective addition to the bait fishing techniques you use. By releasing tiny bits of ground up bait called chum into the water, you create a scent trail that the fish can follow to your boat, and your baits.

Chumming: Basics

Check local fishing fishing regulations to make sure you are not illegally stimulating the hunger of your future catch.

  • To attract fish or get them biting again, you can throw “chum” into the water where you’re fishing. You can use ground fish, creamed corn, pet food, even breakfast cereal or just about anything that creates a fish-like scent. You can also use dead minnows in a coffee can for ice fishing.
  • Simply throw pieces of bait into the water around where you are fishing to bring feeding fish close to your boat.
  • Be sure not to over-chum. You want to get them interested in feeding; you do not want to stuff them before they get a chance to go after your hook.
  • Check your state fishing regulations. Chumming is not legal in all states.