How to Cast Spinning reels

You should learn how to cast with spinning reels if you like to fish with smaller baits or lures. If you prefer to fish with heavier lures, you should learn to cast with baitcaster reels.

The first step in learning how to catch fish is learning how to cast. Each of these techniques takes a bit of practice. Practice, whether in your backyard or the neighborhood park, will make casting second nature, if you give it some time.

How to Cast Spinning Reels

Spin casting is an ideal fishing method for beginning anglers. Spin-casting equipment is easier to use than bait casting. You can use it to cast both light and heavy lures without tangling or breaking your fishing line. Basic equipment includes a 7-foot rod, a spinning reel and 6 to 10 pound test line for casting 1/16 to 3/4 ounce lures. You can use an open-face, closed-face or spin-cast reel for spin casting.

  1. Hold the rod at about waist level, grasping it so that the reel is below the rod, and the stem of the reel feels natural between your fingers. The bait or lure should be hanging 10-18 inches below the end of the rod.
  2. Hook the line with your forefinger, and open the bail, continuing to hold the line.
  3. Pull the rod tip back so the tip sweeps over your dominant shoulder, and then bring it forward swiftly pointing the rod tip at your target. As the rod comes forward of your shoulder release the line with your finger so the weight of the lure pulls line off the reel.
  4. Close the bail with your hand, and you’re ready to reel using a retrieve technique.

Learn how to Cast a Baitcaster reel in our next section. Get simple tips on how to cast with a baitcaster, find out why a baitcaster is better for certain bass fishing techniques, and then get out to try fishing with a baitcasting reel on your own.