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How to Rig a Popper

How to Rig a Popper

Get practical tips on fishing poppers. Mastering how to rig a popper lure is great for improving your catch rates of any species, including largemouth and smallmouth bass.

Fishing With Poppers

When learning how to fish, poppers are a proven method for fishing any species, any where. These topwater lures come in a variety of shapes and sizes and feature a flat or concave front that, as you jerk the rod, creates a popping sound that mimics frantic baitfish.

It is important to know how to rig a popper lure properly since most strikes happen with the first few pops. The easiest way to rig a popper is to use a pre-made leader with a clip that allows you to switch out your lure as you experiment.

Tips for Catching Fish on Poppers

When learning how to rig a popper, there are certain steps that can increase your effectiveness of this popular method.

  • Land it as close to the target as possible
  • Wait for the water to settle
  • Keep your rod tip high
  • Retrieve the bait relatively quickly at a steady pace
  • During the retrieval, make a snapping motion with the rod to create a popping cadence

The fish will strike at the commotion so remember that the more noise you make, the better.

Fishing Poppers for Bass

Whether in the springtime or any season, poppers are a great way to catch bass. When it comes to learning how to rig a popper for bass, start with the right bait. Try to find a popper that looks like a dying baitfish – it will drive bass crazy! It is also helpful to have a lure with a more concave front to increase water displacement during the retrieval.

Next, use a monofilament or braid line. And today, anglers are increasingly using a clip instead of a loop or clinch knot.

And be sure to use a sharp hook since knowing how to rig a popper for bass also means understanding that the bass aren’t always striking to eat so you want your best shot at catching the fish even if they’re just making a random hit.

Now get out and have fun with this exciting lure!