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Fishing in Different Seasons

Fishing in Different Seasons

These are the best times to fish during different seasons in the year. One important tip is to avoid fishing in extreme temperatures that are too cold or too hot.

The best times to fish are always early in the morning from 6:00 am am to 9:00 am, late morning to afternoon from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm or afternoon to dusk from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm. Fish are much harder to find in hot days or too cold days. Learn what are the best times to fish during different seasons in the year.

1. Fishing During Spring

  • Early Morning: Fish aren't biting. The water is cold and doesn't heat up because the sun is low and the rays bounce off the water. Best to wait until a week or so after thaw, as spring turnover takes time for the water temperature to even out to 39.2 degrees.
  • Late Morning-Early Afternoon: Fish are biting off and on. The water begins to warm up because rays begin to penetrate the water. Remember to fish the downwind shoreline, as the winds will push the warmer surface water along with surface food into that area.
  • Afternoon-Early Evening: Fish are eating a lot because their metabolism and digestion are cranked. Water is warm because the sun is directly overhead.

2. Fishing During Summer

  • Early Morning: Fishing is excellent from before sunup to just before mid-morning. At this time of year there is abundant food and cover for fish, so finding hungry fish can be a challenge.
  • Late Morning-Early Afternoon: Fishing is poor for most of the day. Fish move to deep water to cool off.
  • Afternoon-Early Evening: Fishing is excellent from early sundown until dark as the waters cool and fish rise up from the depths.

3. Fishing During Winter

  • Early Morning: Fish aren't biting much from sunup to early morning. The water is cool because the sun is too low to penetrate the water.
  • Late Morning-Early Afternoon: Fish are biting off and on in warmer, shallow water. The water is generally cool due to the season.
  • Afternoon-Early Evening: Considered one of the best fishing times of the year. Sun is directly overhead for several hours and the water gets more comfortable near the surface. This makes for seasonally good fishing because fish are putting on weight for the winter.

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