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Fishing Moon Phase

Fishing Moon Phase

Learn how fishing moon phase theories help anglers determine when the best tides for fishing will be or when the best days will be to fish.

Fishing Moon Phase Theories

If you're learning how to fish, you may be wondering about the best times to fish based on fishing moon phase theories. In other words, can you catch more fish, or will you have a better chance at catching bigger fish if you use information from a moon phase calendar that is based in part on the phases of the moon. 

Many anglers believe that moon phase fishing theories are worth learning more about because they have personally experienced a connection between moon phases and fishing success.

How do fishing moon phase theories help anglers determine when the best tides for fishing will be or when the best days will be to fish? While considering the best moon phases for fishing may sound quite scientific, don't worry because it's not complicated to understand the basis of these theories. The most important thing to remember about fishing by the moon is that periods of a full or new moon tend to be the best, provided that the weather and water conditions are stable. For example, if a cold front comes through the area or if the water turns muddy after a period of heavy rain showers, moon phase fishing theories cannot be expected to hold true.

Moon Phase Fishing Tips

These theories can be helpful when you want to determine the best time to be on the water at your favorite spot. If you want to test out these theories for yourself, keep these easy moon phase fishing tips in mind.

  • When looking at a monthly solunar calendar, try to plan your fishing trips during the major or minor feeding periods that occur near times of sunrise or sunset that also coincide with a full or new moon.
  • If you plan to go saltwater fishing, consider the fact that a new moon or full moon will cause stronger or more pronounced tidal movement due to the pull of gravity. When there is more water movement, there is also generally more bait movement, and more fish feeding activity.
  • On any given day when the weather and water conditions are stable, try fishing during the time periods when the moon is rising or setting. Pay close attention to see if the fish are most active during the periods around moonrise or moonset.

Now that you know more about fishing moon phase theories, you can consider these tips before planning your next trip. Of course, the best times to fish are whenever you have the time and conditions are safe. However, if you can, test these theories by going out on a new or full moon; don't miss the opportunity!