How to Use the Places to Fish & Boat Map

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Arriving At The Map

  • When you arrive at the Places to Fish & Boat Map, your location will be automatically detected from your IP address.
  • Use the “Map” and “Satellite” view options in the top right corner of the map to change its appearance. You can zoom in and out by using the Plus (+) and Minus (-) signs in the bottom right of the map.

Map Markers

  • You will see two types of color-coded markers on the map. The green markers represent Body of Water (BOW) locations, and the orange markers represent Place of Interest (POI) locations such as boat ramps, bait shops, gas stations and more. Click on the “Places to Fish & Boat” legend at the bottom left of the map to learn more about the green BOW markers

Body Of Water (BOW) Pop-Up

  • Clicking on a green BOW marker will automatically center the map on that location, and display a pop-up box for it.
  • Click “View Details” to go to the associated BOW profile page. (See BODY OF WATER PROFILE section below.)
  • Click “Get Directions” to launch a new browser window to Google Maps with the location pre-populated as the destination.

Places Of Interest (POI) Pop-Up

  • Clicking on an orange POI marker will automatically center the map on that location, and will display a pop-up box for it.
  • General business information will be displayed (as available), including name, address, email, phone and website. Click on the website URL to launch a separate browser window to the business website.

Search For Location

  • A “Search for Location” bar can be found directly underneath the map. If you’re looking for a specific location, enter either its full address, city and state, zip code or body of water name into the search bar (locations in the United States only), and click on the magnifying glass. If the location is listed on our map, it will automatically show up on your screen.


While using the map, you have the ability to filter the map markers that are displayed.


Filter By Fish Species

  • Use the “Filter by Fish Species” feature to find bodies of water that contain specific types of fish.
  • Simply select a fish from the menu, and the map will update to show only bodies of water containing that specific fish. The relevant BOW markers will appear on the map with a fish symbol inside them.

Place Of Interest Filters

Different types of orange POI markers are represented on the map, including Gear & Equipment, Charters, Boat Ramps, Fly Fishing Shops, Bait Shops, Gas Stations, Fishing License Vendors, and Marinas. Simply click to toggle the desired POI markers on or off. A checkmark will appear to indicate the filter is turned on, and will disappear when it’s turned off.

Body Of Water Profile

The BOW profile consists of a broad range of information associated with the chosen body of water.

  • Click on a fish image or fish name to take you to the detailed information about the fish itself.

Miscellaneous Options

  • The ability to Print or Email the map is available at the bottom left of the map area.
  • Click on the “Add Point of Interest/Feedback or Additions to Map” to submit your own business or Place of Interest for consideration to be added to the map.