How to Fish in New Jersey

Find more information on how to fish in New Jersey. In this section, you will learn more about how to freshwater fish in new jersey and how to saltwater fish in New Jersey. Get resources on how to catch fish in this state, practical fishing tips, New Jersey fishing guide, and more information.

Freshwater and Saltwater fishing Basics

How to Fish in Freshwater Fish in New Jersey

How to Freshwater Fish in NJ

Find out how to catch freshwater fish in New Jersey, fish identification, and more

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How to Fish in Saltwater Fish in New Jersey

How to Saltwater Fish in NJ

Learn what type of fishing gear to use and how to catch saltwater fish in New Jersey.

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What to Take Saltwater Fishing in NJ

Get tips when planning what to bring saltwater fishing in New Jersey and more info

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New Jersey Bass Fishing Knots

Different knots to use with New Jersey bass fishing rigs for different species.

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New Jersey Moon Phases for Fishing

Learn how moon phases can contribute to higher catch rates and better fishing success

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Common Fish in New Jersey

Learn about common fish in New Jersey that you can target.

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Saltwater Fish in NJ

From surf, shore or boat, you can catch more than 50 species of saltwater fish in NJ’s waters.

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Striper Fishing Tips

One of the most popular species in state, learn the best ways to land striped bass in NJ.

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