Bass Fishing Spots in NJ

While fishing in New Jersey, you have the opportunity to catch largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, and striped bass. Get state-specific information that can help you locate your target species to get started. Find spots by boat or land, where to fish, and more.

Bass Fishing in New Jersey

New Jersey bass fishing trips can mean catching largemouth bass on a reservoir or lake, fly fishing for smallmouth bass while wading in a river, or saltwater surf fishing for striped bass off the coast. If you want to know how to catch bass, one of the most important things to learn is about the type of habitats where they are most likely to be found.

Largemouth Bass Fishing Spots in New Jersey

If you are planning a trip to fish for largemouth bass in New Jersey, it will be helpful to know about a few of the best spots in the state to catch them. Many of the best largemouth lakes and reservoirs in the state are lakes, or reservoirs that have coves, bays, drop-offs and points. The availability of forage species, such as golden shiners and shad, is also a key factor when it comes to best waterways.

These largemouth spots can give you a good chance of success if you are ready to learn more about how to fish for bass. Use the places to fish and boat map to locate each waterway.

  • Delaware Lake
  • Monksville Reservoir
  • Merrill Creek Reservoir

Aside from large lakes and reservoirs, keep in mind that small local ponds can be outstanding places to fish from the bank or shore for largemouth bass.

Smallmouth Bass Fishing Spots in New Jersey

Is a New Jersey smallmouth bass on your fishing bucket list? If so, you may be interested in knowing that the freshwater rivers and streams in the northwest part of the state are considered prime smallmouth habitat.

Visit waterways like these, focusing your efforts on areas near rock piles and riffles.

  • Delaware River
  • Pequest River
  • Musconetcong River

Smallmouth bass can be caught on a fly rod using topwater poppers or baitfish patterns, but will also readily strike many different types of lures on spinning gear. Tube jigs and small inline spinners often work well when bass fishing in New Jersey for smallmouth.

Striped Bass Fishing Spots in New Jersey

Whether from the surf or aboard a boat, New Jersey is home to some of the top striped bass fishing waters on the East Coast. Make plans to head to these saltwater spots, but be sure to time your trip along with the spring or fall migration.

  • Delaware Bay
  • Cape May
  • Raritan Bay

You can use natural baits, such as bunker or herring, based on what the striped bass are feeding on in these locations.

Learn more about fishing in common fish in New Jersey and where to catch it and don’t forget to renew your license.