Charter Boat Fishing NJ

From private deep sea sportfishing boats in search of tuna or marlin to large party boats that target bluefish and kingfish, you can choose your saltwater adventure when charter boat fishing NJ

New Jersey Fishing Charters

Imagine the thrill of watching a white marlin strike your lure while trolling offshore near the New Jersey Canyons, or the sheer excitement of reeling in your first striped bass while on one of the NJ fishing party boats in Delaware Bay. New Jersey's saltwater fishing opportunities are considered to be among the best in the nation, but your initial experiences on the Atlantic will be safer and more enjoyable with the guidance of a professional charter boat captain.

You can easily pick from a number of charter boat trips (such as tuna fishing charters NJ, marlin charters, and striped bass charters) that are geared toward your fishing abilities and preferences. Find out what you might expect on either a bay fishing charter or deep sea charter, and then plan your fishing adventure accordingly.

Saltwater Bay Fishing Charters

Bay charter boat fishing NJ can be a good option if you want to catch striped bass, bluefish, flounder, sea bass, and weakfish from spring through fall. You can do some research on charter boat operations in places such as Sandy Hook Bay, Barnegat Bay, and Great Bay.

These types of trips can be ideal for families or beginning anglers. You won't have to travel very far from the marina to get to these types of spots, and most charter boat captains will give you the option to choose between a half-day or full-day trip.

Deep Sea Charters

New Jersey private deep sea sportfishing charters will generally troll to pursue big game species like bluefin tuna, white marlin, and swordfish; while larger party boats tend to head out to deeper waters to bottom fish for cod, tilefish, or sea bass. These trips are usually operated from larger boats by captains who not only know all of the NJ boating laws, but who are also accustomed to running up to 100 miles offshore to find the fish. Many deep sea or offshore trips are either full day trips or overnight trips intended for experienced anglers.