Keansburg Fishing Pier

Want to experience Atlantic Highlands fishing in New Jersey? Take the family to fish from the Keansburg Fishing Pier for saltwater species like striped bass, flounder, and bluefish. You'll quickly learn why Keansburg is a favorite summer fishing spot for anglers of all ages.

Atlantic Highlands Fishing: Keansburg Pier

If you are wondering where to fish in New Jersey with your family, try the Keansburg Fishing Pier located on Raritan Bay in the Atlantic Highlands. The private 2000-foot pier provides anglers with the opportunity to fish for species such as striped bass and flounder from early spring through late fall. When the bite slows down, you can take a stroll along the nearby beach or boardwalk to take in the panoramic views of New York City.

About Atlantic Highlands Fishing NJ

The Atlantic Highlands area is known for being a gateway to several of New Jersey's best fishing spots, such as Sandy Hook Bay and Raritan Bay.

Local fishing piers, such as the Keansburg Pier and the Atlantic Highlands Municipal Fishing Pier, make fishing access in this area easy and affordable. Most Atlantic Highlands fishing piers are located within walking distance to bait shops and restaurants.

Both the Atlantic Highlands and Leonardo State Marinas, located in Sandy Hook Bay, serve as a home base to a number of party fishing boats and private charter boats. Depending on the time of year and conditions, you may have the chance to catch species such as sea bass, porgy, striped bass, flounder, and tautog. There are New Jersey fishing options for every experience level.

Atlantic Highlands Fishing Tips

Whether you are planning a day at the Keansburg Fishing Pier or want to try surf fishing from the beach, you will want to be prepared with the right tackle, gear, and baits. Consider a few helpful New Jersey fishing tips to increase your catch rates.

  • When saltwater fishing in New Jersey, check a tide chart and plan your trip during a timeframe that will offer plenty of current (when the tide is either outgoing or incoming). When a moving tide coincides with early morning or evening hours, you will have a better chance of success. You can also check an Atlantic Highland fishing report to find out about the numbers and sizes of fish being caught by local anglers.
  • If you plan to target striped bass, use natural baits such as bunker (baitfish), clams, and eels on a high low rig or fish finder rig. You can set up your rigs using fluorocarbon leader material in the 30 to 40-pound range with circle hooks in sizes 1/0, 2/0 and 3/0.
  • Use a medium heavy spinning rod that ranges in size from 7.5 to 9 feet rigged with 10 to 20-pound monofilament.
  • Don't forget to check the weather conditions before planning a trip to any Atlantic Highland fishing pier, including the Keansburg Fishing Pier. Pier hours may be limited during periods of high wind or extreme weather. When fishing in New Jersey, dressing in layers is almost always a good idea.

Now that you know where to go and which gear to use, get your state saltwater fishing license and check the current Atlantic Highlands Fishing NJ regulations.