Ocean City, NJ, Pier Fishing

From old bridge remains to carefully designed on-ocean structures, Ocean City, New Jersey fishing piers offer some great options for saltwater fishing. Find out how to make the most of your pier fishing experience.

Ocean City, NJ, Fishing

Located in the heart of the Jersey Shore, Ocean City, NJ, is a fun and family-friendly seaside resort area. With its long fishing history, it’s no wonder the community still offers an abundance of both off-shore and close-to-shore fishing opportunities to catch sea bass, blue fish, striper and more. When deciding where to fish in New Jersey, one of the most popular way for anglers to enjoy the area is by fishing from a pier where many species are in easy reach. And the best part? You don’t need to worry about having a boat!

Ocean City, NJ, Fishing Pier Options

Pier fishing gives anglers convenient access to the water, shelter when needed, and plentiful fish thanks to the attractive structures that schools of fish love. It should come as no surprise that the seaside community of Ocean City, NJ, boasts multiple opportunities for pier fishing. If you’re looking for a great place to go out in New Jersey fishing, some of the most popular spots in the area include the following piers:

  • 9th Street: You’ll find a network of new piers all along the recently replaced 9th Street Bridge that connects Somers Point and Ocean City. This accessible structure is one of the best for getting anglers close to the action in the deep Rainbow and Elbow Channels. And it has plenty of available parking to boot!
  • Ocean City Fishing Club: This club boasts the only on-ocean fishing pier experience in the city! Located at 14th Street and the Boardwalk, the pier extends 635 feet over the sand into the Atlantic, where you can catch blues, flounders, striped bass and more!
  • J. Edward Klingener Fishing Pier: Close by in the neighboring Somers Point, this go-to spot is perfect for a day with the family and is ideal for fishing and crabbing. In addition to productive fishing, the pier also has spots to sit and enjoy a picnic, including a covered pavilion.

How to Fish Off a Pier

Whether you’re a beginning or seasoned angler, make the most of your Ocean City, NJ, fishing pier experience with these tips.

  • The Equipment is Everything: When it comes to pier fishing, you’ll want to stick with the basics. Use a conventional spinning rod and the standard J-hook. Use one- or two-ounce weights to get your bait in the right position. Popular pier fishing bait options include worms, shrimp, sardines, squid and other live bait. And to haul everything? Try a fishing cart to get from your car to the pier.
  • Time of Day: Piers are popular and that means they can get crowded. For a quieter experience, you’ll want to head out in the early morning since they’ll be less competition. Sunset is another good time. You’ll also want to pay attention to the wind and weather as well as tidal conditions since typically the best fishing is had two hours before high tide and two hours after.
  • Pier Placement: Some anglers like longer piers for their access to deep water but others prefer shorter ones to target shallower waters. And it’s not just the location of the pier that can impact your success on the water but where you position yourself on it that can affect your catch rates. You’ll want to identify where the fish look for food, like around rocks and pilings. Perhaps one of the best tips is to be observant. Anglers won’t likely congregate without a reason so see which site they’re on and how far down the pier.

New Jersey Fishing Regulations

Don’t forget before you head out that all anglers who plan to fish in the state of New Jersey need to have a license if they are 16 years of age or older. And that includes fishing from an Ocean City, NJ, fishing pier. Licenses can be purchased from license agents or online.