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Ramapo River Fishing Tips for Trout

Ramapo River Fishing Tips for Trout

If you want to try fly fishing for trout in New Jersey, consider planning a Ramapo River fishing trip. Learn which flies to use for brown trout, rainbow trout, and brook trout.

Ramapo River Fishing

One of northern New Jersey's notable destinations for trout fishing is the Ramapo River. Flowing along the east side of the Ramapo Mountains in the northern region of the state, this scenic river is known for its riffles, runs, and deep pools. The Ramapo River is a prime location for both longtime New Jersey fly fishing enthusiasts and beginning fly anglers who want to target trout.

Planning Your Ramapo River Trip

When you are ready to start planning a Ramapo River fishing trip, you will want to make sure you have an assortment of fly patterns that will entice species such as brown trout, rainbow trout, and brook trout. Dry flies are usually a good choice starting in May and typically work well through most of the summer.

  • Try a few dry fly patterns such as the Royal Wulff or Elk Hair Caddis, but have a few nymph patterns on hand since they can also be effective.
  • Use a 4 or 5-weight fly rod with weight forward floating fly line that matches the weight of your rod.
  • Bring along 5X tapered leaders in 9-foot and 12-foot lengths.
  • Make sure you have a pair of breathable waders, wading belt, and wading boots.

Once you have all of your fly fishing gear assembled, you will want to decide where to go.

Ramapo River Fishing Spots

If you are wondering about Ramapo River fishing spots that offer access, there are a few places you can try.

  • Ramapo Valley County Reservation, Mahwah
  • Midvale Mountain Road Bridge, Mahwah
  • Roosevelt Boulevard, Oakland
  • River Road and Oak Street, Oakland

Before you head to these Ramapo River fishing spots, or any trout waters in New Jersey, always check the current NJ trout fishing regulations and make sure you have a valid trout stamp and a valid fishing license. To ensure safe day of fly fishing in Ramapo River, it's also a good idea to ask about the current river levels at a local fly shop or by accessing a local NJ fishing reports online.