April 2019

How to Fish With Crankbait Lures for Bass

Learn how to fish with crankbait lures. Select best crankbaits based on depth of water, type of line to use with crankbaits, best gear for crankbait fishing

4 Things to Consider When Buying a Saltwater Fishing Net

4 features to consider in a saltwater fishing net. There are many styles of nets and styles of fishing, find a saltwater fishing net that’s right for you.

Where to fish for tilapia: tips from the pros

Where to fish for tilapia. Get top tips from tilapia pros about when, where, and how to catch tilapia, plus most effective bait and tackle.

How to Use the Take Me Fishing Skill for Amazon Alexa to Plan Your Adventures

Learn how to use the Take Me Fishing skill for Amazon Alexa by following these steps. Get info on family fishing spots, fish species to target, fishing reports.

10 Common Fishing Mistakes You Don't Want to Make

List of common fishing mistakes that you can avoid to ensure a safer, productive day on the water. Check weather conditions, fishing regulations updates, more

5 Steps to Transfer Boat Registration or Title Paperwork

Learn steps to transfer boat registration, transfer boat title in your state. General guidelines, examples of boat registration steps, start boating today

Four Pieces of Unique Fishing Gear

If you usually only fish for a couple of fish species, you will find there is a lot of unique fishing gear out there.  Here are some items you may not have in your boat. 

Lure Fishing for Beginners: Lures Every Angler Should Have

Lure fishing for beginners. Types of lures every angler should have in their tackle box and must-know techniques.

How to Get Ready for Fishing Season

Here are a few things you can do to get ready for the fishing season. Prime fishing weather is right around the corner, so now is the time to get organized and ready.

What You Should Know About Balancing a Fishing Rod

The topic of balancing a fishing rod involves both how to tell if a rod and reel are matched properly, and how to change the balance point with added weight

How to Submit a Fishing License Name Change

Steps to submit fishing license name change. Learn how to go through a fishing license change of name if you get married, or need to change your legal name

Minnesota’s lake maps help you catch fish

Take advantage of Minnesota DNR topographic maps. You can find topographic maps for nearly 4,500 Minnesota fishing lakes on the agency’s website. Learn more.

Dacron Fishing Line Knots You Need to Know

Common dacron fishing line knots you need to know. Learn the best knots for dacron fishing line to leader, fly line, or terminal tackle. 

7 Things to Have When Camping and Fishing with Your Family

Here are some things you need when going on a camping and fishing trip.

Cursos de Navegación en Español

Una de las mejores formas de aprender los conceptos básicos de una navegación segura es el Curso Basico de Navegación de America ofrecido por el America's Boating Club.

The Fishery Conservation and Management Act

What the Fishery Conservation and Management Act was intended to do for coastal fisheries, and how the newly adopted Modern Fish Act addresses recreational interests

Do You Brake for Splake?

The splake may have an odd name and history but this coldwater fish provides a great fishing opportunity where stocked.  

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