April 2020

Instant Pot Fish Recipe: Lemon Pepper Salmon

Steps to make instant pot fish recipe for lemon pepper salmon. Add this one to your list of healthy, easy fish recipes that you can make quickly for your family

5 All-natural ways to reduce stress

All-natural ways to reduce stress to incorporate into your daily rituals. This list covers how to reduce stress and anxiety through simple and natural methods.

Easiest Fish Chowder Recipe You'll Ever Make

Easy fish chowder recipe to make at home with your family. Get tips on best fish for chowder, salmon chowder recipe ideas, learn how to cook your catch

Earth Day Activities: How to reduce your environmental impact year-round

Celebrate Earth Day 2020. Here are a few Earth Day activities and sustainable living practices to reduce your environmental impact year-round.

Are Salmon Fishing Rigs for Rivers Good for Other Species?

Salmon fishing rigs for rivers can be adapted to catch catfish, stripers, and walleyes, as well as a number of coastal saltwater species; here’s how and why.

5 Fun Things to Do by Yourself Outdoors

List of fun things to do by yourself outdoors to find your calm, pick up new interests. Things to do alone outside like fly fishing, kayaking, gardening, more

How to Stay Active While Social Distancing

How to stay active and how to safely enjoy outdoor activities like boating and fishing while practicing social distancing. 

Use This Boat Checklist Before and After Every Outing

There’s a lot to review about your boat and trailer before you get on the water and before you leave the boat ramp. This boat checklist helps you cover it all.

8 Outdoor Activities near You during COVID-19

It is a challenge to stay active and find outdoor activities to do with your family. Find some ideas on how to stay healthy and active, keeping your kids entertained while socially distancing and following local recommendations. 

Join a Fishing Forum and Connect with Your Local Angling Community

Find an online fishing forum to connect with anglers in your local community or across the world and discuss tips, techniques, gear, and recommendations.

How to Store a Boat Outside

It is almost boating season, but here are some things to consider when your boat is between outings.

COVID-19 Updates in your State

Not sure if it is safe to get out on the water with your family? Check out this map to see if the water is open in your state!

6 Ways to Teach a Kid to Fish While Staying at Home

To teach a kid to fish while at home, focus on learning to cast and tie knots, as well as identifying and understanding the behavior and habitats of fish species.

Mental Benefits of Fishing

From connecting with nature and those around you to a chance to exercise and escape, find out the mental health perks of fishing.

8 Indoor Activities for Kids That Help Build Outdoor Skills

List of indoor activities for kids that include how to tie fishing knots, compass reading, fish identification, more to help build useful outdoor skills

Fishing License Fees Help You Fish

Purchase of a fishing license raises money that goes right back into improving fishing opportunities. Here’s how:

Purchase a Fishing License