August 2020

How to Reduce Plastic Use: 10 Steps to Protect Our Environment

Learn how to reduce plastic use now, contribute to natural resources conservation, protect our waterways for future generations, ways to reduce plastic use 

Easy Ways to Plan a Camping and Fishing Staycation

Ideas on planning camping and fishing staycations close to home with your family. How to find campgrounds with fishing, fish camps, parks with fishing

Freshwater Fishing Equipment for Beginners

Freshwater fishing equipment for beginners. A simple list of basic, freshwater fishing gear for beginners that will help you get started with fishing.

Five Campgrounds for Outdoor Family Summer Vacations

When thinking about where to go camping with your kids, consider these five summer vacation spots perfect for family fishing, boating, and family camping fun.

How to Catch Tripletail on Nearshore Crab Buoys

Key tips on how to catch tripletail for beginners, including best rig for tripletail when fishing crab trap buoys, best way to catch tripletail, time of year

Your Ultimate Summer Playlist

A crowd-pleasing summer playlist that boasts classic country and rock favorites, infused with island flavor. This might be your new go-to fishing playlist! 

Basic Boating Right of Way Procedures for Powerboats

All boat operators should know the proper boating right of way procedures to follow when they are in passing, overtaking, and crossing situations

7 Socially-Distanced Ideas for Family Summer Vacations

From family fishing trips to geocaching while glamping, there’s still time to enjoy these socially-distanced outdoor family summer vacations. 

Why not try Trout Fishing in Missouri?

There are many exciting opportunities for trout fishing in Missouri. Here are a few facts that will help you getting started trout fishing today. 

How to find good fishing spots near you

It’s time to mix up your usual old routine and try out some new local fishing spots. Here are ideas for tracking down some good fishing spots near you. 

Fishing & Boating: They're for Cat People, Too

If you're a cat person but always see photos of folks taking their dogs fishing, there's room for you too. 

Catching Saltwater Fish at Public Fishing Piers

You can catch diverse saltwater species at public fishing piers, some of which are not as well known as others; here’s advice on methods, locations, tides, and more

5 Summer Crappie Fishing Tips

Summer crappie fishing can be a blast. Here are several tips. 

Check out the new Alexa Skill TakeMeFishing update

Check the daily fishing forecast using the Take Me Fishing Skill for Amazon Alexa using easy tips. Get updates on where to fish, best times to fish, more

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