Fishing & Boating: They're for Cat People, Too

By Kendra Lee

Aug 06, 2020

If you're a cat person but always see photos of folks taking their dogs fishing, there's room for you too. 

If you're like me, you come across lots of photos of dogs. Dogs chewing on toys, dogs on walks, dogs playing catch, dogs with other dogs, dogs on boats…it never ends. Don't get me wrong - I love a cute dog photo, but I am and always have been an unapologetic cat person.

Cat people get a bad rap which really has no merit. We've all heard the stereotype of the spinster with lots of cats, or the high maintenance introvert that prefers the feline specis. People like to think "cat people" don't like "real people" and aren't as friendly as "dog people". And as much as we try and dispel these myths (thank you Taylor Swift!), they seem to never go away.

Well, I'm here to tell you - fishing and boating are for cat people too! In fact, you can read all about the storied history of cats on boats and why they've made such great companions for the maritime industry. And, here are a few more reasons why it's actually cats that make the best fishing and boating companions:

  1. Cats hate the water. This means you don't have to worry about them jumping in and possibly not being able to kitty-paddle out.
  2. Cats don't care what you do. Don't want to take kitty on your fishing and boating excursion? You don't have to and you don't have to feel bad about it. They'll be happy at home by themselves.
  3. Cats love fish. Who better to boast to about your catch? Or if kitty stayed home, who better to give some of your fresh cooked fish to? She'll enjoy both morsels of the juicy story.
  4. Cats get rid of pests. That means any critters on your boat will be gone in no time flat. It's like having a professional exterminator at the ready.
  5. There's literally a fish named after cats. Cat. Fish. Catfish. It's a thing, people. It's even so popular it's both a noun AND a verb. Need I say more?

I'm here to tell you not be swayed by all the dogs on a boat posts. But before you go, please make sure to get all the safety equipment needed to keep kitty safe on their excursion. #TheWaterIsOpen… for cats and dogs!

Kendra Lee
Kendra Lee
Kendra Lee has a love of marketing with experience from design to implementation and has worked on both the client side and publisher side. At RBFF she manages the national™ and™ marketing campaigns and creative assets in digital, print, TV, and more. Kendra also assists with Disney partnership through in-park branding, national media buy, and local activation events.