Kayak Fishing: 5 Advantages and Benefits You Will Enjoy

By Gabriella E. MaGrath

Aug 17, 2021

Becoming fully immersed in nature and accessing remote areas are just 2 of the 5 benefits of kayak fishing. These benefits and advantages apply to both saltwater and freshwater kayaking.

Kayak angling is a fun and affordable way to get out on the water. You can take the plunge of purchasing a kayak or opt for a rental. Renting is a great option for first timers, as it is a good way to try different kinds of kayaks to get a feel for which kind is the best fit for you.

When planning your kayak trip, it is important to make sure you have a PFD (Personal Floatation Device) and sound making device like a whistle, and have checked the Places to Boat and Fish Map or a GPS to ensure you know where you are headed.

Once you get out on the water, here a few of the kayak fishing advantages and benefits you will experience:

1.Maneuverability and Ease of Access

Kayaks have the ability to travel through shallow and narrow waterways. This will provide closer access to more remote spots and fishing areas.

2.Becoming Fully Immersed in Nature

While kayak fishing, there is little separating you from your surroundings. You will experience the serenity of the ebbing and flowing water beneath you. Your kayak is quiet enough for you to hear the birds chirping and any fishy disturbances in the water.

3. Exercise

Whether paddling with your arms or pedaling with your legs, kayak fishing is a great form of both cardiovascular and strength building exercise.

4. Coverage of Large Areas

With the ability to paddle (or pedal) anywhere you can safely travel, a kayak can quickly access a vast amount of area.

5. Feelings of Accomplishment

No matter the size of the vessel, there are good feelings that come with being the captain of your own watercraft. Kayaking is no exception!

Thanks to Take Me Fishing, I was recently granted the opportunity to fish from a kayak for the first time and I have to say that it was a lot easier than I thought it would be! Feeling secure in knowing that we had taken the proper safety precautions and had a solid plan for where to go contributed to a relaxed and successful trip. There is no need to be nervous! If you have never kayaked at all before, maybe take it slow and try just taking a kayak out a few times before you start fishing.

Gabriella E. MaGrath
Gabriella E. MaGrath
Gabriella is an aspiring outdoor writer and college student. She is studying creative writing and environmental science in hopes that her words can make an impact on the future of conservation. She enjoys all types of fishing including fly and conventional and is gaining experience in both freshwater and saltwater. Follow her journey at @gabfishes on Instagram