August 2023

Sockeye Fishing in Alaska

Sockeye salmon are integral parts of the ecosystem. Their journey from ocean back to freshwater birthplace provides the opportunity to anglers to target and harvest these fish.

An Introduction to Wakeboarding Tips and Tricks

Wakeboarding is a popular boating activity. Although it may seem intimidating at first, here are some tips that may help beginners wake up to the fact that sometimes “getting towed” can be fun.   

7 Labor Day Weekend Camping Ideas

With these fun camping activities and ideas, from fishing to Spike Ball, you and your family will have a memorable Labor Day weekend camping trip!

Be Practical About the Best Family-Friendly Boating Destinations

Practical advice about things to consider when planning to visit any of the best family-friendly boating destinations

What is the Meaning of Labor Day

Labor Day 2023 is the last weekend before school starts. It’s the perfect time for one last camping and fishing trip. But what is Labor Day for?

Late Summer Salmon Fishing on Lake Michigan

The late summer Chinook and Coho salmon run into the rivers from the open waters of Lake Michigan is one of the best times to fish for them. Lake Michigan is accessed by four states but Manistee, Michigan is one of the best departures points to target salmon when they are on the move.

5 Best Boating Accessories for Summer Fun on the Water

List of best boating accessories for summer that make boat days feel like mini vacations, contribute to comfort, feel-good boating experiences with family

Kayaking For Beginners

Kayaking for beginners is all about getting your feet wet and choosing the best kayak for beginners that will keep you steady and dry!

Tips Before Going Fly Fishing: Best fishing tips for beginners

Learning how to fly fish can feel intimidating. These tips will help you to get started and support you as you continue your learning on the water.

A Beginner’s Intro to the Most Popular Saltwater Species in August

If you’re wondering what and where to target, this summary of popular saltwater fishing species in August addresses how the quarry varies by region and method

4 Tips for Planning Family Fishing Trips in August

Tips on where to go family fishing trips in August before the kids go back to school. Overview of tips that cover where to go, what to catch, what to know

Finding Your Best Self on the Water: Why Downtime is Essential

Tips on finding your best self on the water, achieving mindfulness, well-being through water activities, how time on the water contributes to self-care

The 6 Best Saltwater Fishing Trips in August

Before summer comes to an end, there’s still time for the best saltwater fishing trips in August, with options on each coast, and along the gulf.

Tips for Hiking During the Summer

List tips and tricks for hiking during the summer as well as three waterfall hikes

Essential Tips for Surf Fishing Across the Southeast

List of essential tips for surf fishing in the Southeast, how to catch everything from pompano in Florida to flounder in North Carolina, surf fishing baits

Three Pier Fishing Tips for August

Fishing action off a pier in August can be hot. Here are a few tips to help find ways to catch fish by using these popular freshwater and saltwater structures.

Wake Surfing Tips for Beginners: How to Get Started

Summary of wake surfing tips for beginners, broad overview of beginner wake surfing techniques, wake surfing safety, how to balance on a wake surfing board

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