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The 6 Best Saltwater Fishing Trips in August

The 6 Best Saltwater Fishing Trips in August

By Jeff Bogle

Aug 10, 2023

Before summer comes to an end, there’s still time for the best saltwater fishing trips in August, with options on each coast, and along the gulf.

Summer is coming to an end which means it's almost time to shop for glue sticks and composition books, but there's still time to get stuck into an epic fishing trip from a beach or on a charter, with or without your family. Here are 6 August saltwater fishing tips for finding the best saltwater fishing trips in August, on each coast, and along the gulf. In each location, there are also ideal spots for summer camping, hiking, biking, and boating. Whatever you enjoy pairing with your saltwater fishing, from nightlife to sporting events, or family attractions to museums, these August saltwater fishing destinations have it in abundance. So, get your saltwater fishing license and hit the road this summer!

1. Virginia Beach, VA

Virginia Beach is a dream if you're looking for saltwater fishing charters in August or need to find the best saltwater fishing in August for beginners so that your kids can get in on the fun. What makes it one of the perfect August saltwater fishing destinations is the location, where the salty Atlantic Ocean meets the brackish Chesapeake Bay. This means the variety of fish you can catch is second to none! From marlin to tuna, and cobia to amberjack, so many saltwater species swim in and around Virginia Beach, allowing you to fish off the boardwalk, from the beach, or on a charter before summer ends.


2. San Diego, CA

With a massive pier calling your name to miles of sandy beaches and idyllic weather, even at the tail end of summertime, San Diego is your best west coast destination for the best saltwater fishing trips in August. You can expect to haul in some perch, bonito, and mackerel from land or book saltwater fishing charters in August to go offshore for giant tuna. When it comes to saltwater fishing hotspots in August that offer fun nightlife, sports, and dining options to cap off a day of fishing, it's hard to beat San Diego.

3. Galveston, TX

The Texas gulf coast is one of the most enjoyable August saltwater fishing destinations in the South. You've got the chance to catch enormous kingfish, red snapper, speckled trout, sheepshead, flounder, and more right off the beach. If you have kids in tow, they will love to splash around in the Schlitterbahn Waterpark, play on the pleasure pier and at Moody Gardens, and maybe even head toward Houston for some NASA space fun. There's also great RV camping in Galveston, TX!


4. Cape Cod, MA

This famous hook shaped New England land mass dipping out into the Atlantic is almost impervious to the dreaded August fishing doldrums. Instead, you get some of the best saltwater fishing trips in August when there is an abundance of fish to be caught by beginners and experienced anglers alike who will love going out at night or just before dawn to catch large stripers or using a simple rod with a small hook with a strip of squid to catch some scup right off a dock. This thin flat fish is not only fun to catch, but it also makes for a tasty dinner too.

5. Outer Banks, NC

This popular summer vacation destination is famous for massive rental homes, family reunions, and big wide beaches. For anglers with OBX stickers on their cars, they visit because the area is a fish highway with a traffic jam of wahoo, sailfish, yellowfin tuna, red drum, and more species traveling up and down the East coast through the water just like families are doing on asphalt. This sandy stretch of vacationland is one of America’s saltwater fishing hotspots in August.

6. The Florida Keys, FL

With 800 keys stretching over 180 miles, and over 40 bridges tying it all together, the island of the Florida Keys is arguably the site of not only the best saltwater fishing trips in August but the best place to fish in the entire world during any time of year. This is because you can fly fish for tarpon, go offshore with saltwater fishing guides for August mahi fishing, or hunt for swordfish, and then catch lobster for dinner. The Florida Keys are where the finest August saltwater fishing trips happen.


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Jeff Bogle
Jeff Bogle
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