Best Fishing blogs of 2017

By Bruna Carincotte

Dec 21, 2017

Here are some of the best fishing blogs that we had this year.  From fishing tips, best places to fish and boat to tricks to fish for bass and catfish.

Here are some of the best fishing blogs that we had this year.  From fishing tips, best places to fish and boat to tricks to fish for bass and catfish.

  1. January: “Why these winter bass fishing lures work.” Wondering which winter bass fishing lures work best? Learn about 5 lures that catch largemouth bass in cold weather, get winter lure techniques to use.
  2. February: “Winter Trout Fishing tips.” If you know where to look and what to cast, trout can be caught all winter. Here are three important winter trout fishing tips.
  3. March: “Best Spring Bass Lures.” Bass can be temperamental around spawning activity but can hit a variety of lures in the spring. With the increase in shallow water activity, here are some of the best spring bass lures.
  4. April: “5 Tips on how to Start Fishing” Make fishing for beginners easy. Here are 5 tips on how to start fishing. A first fishing trip and first catch are life-long memories. Don’t miss out.
  5. May: “Best Family-Friendly places to Fish & Boat.” Check out the highlights from the 2017 Best Family-Friendly Places to Fish and Boat list. Celebrities, fishing professionals, federal and state representatives share their best places.
  6. June: “Top Destinations for your Fishing road Trip” Find out top destinations for fishing road trip during summer. Nothing’s better than a fishing vacation. Be sure to check out these fishing hot spots.
  7. July: “Fishing with Children: Six Steps to Success” Fishing with kids is a blast and it introduces them to a rewarding hobby. However, you’ll need to catch fish to ensure the youngsters enjoy the trip, so follow these six steps on your next trip.
  8. August: “5 Summer Bass Fishing tricks to use now” Get a few tricks to use for summer bass fishing success. Five tips from expert that will help you catch more fish, even on your late summer bass fishing trips.
  9. September: “Best Fishing Knot for Beginners” Learn about strongest fishing knot for beginners. Find out why the Palomar Knot is a good terminal knot to start with, get easy steps to tie this knot here.
  10. October: “Learn Best times to fish for Catfish” Learn the best times to fish for catfish. Catfish are in many waters in the U.S. and can be easy to catch. if We help make sure you go at right time.
  11. November: “10 Important safe Fishing practices for families to follow” What safe fishing practices should you keep in mind when fishing with your family? Check out this list of ten safe fishing methods for your trip
  12. December: “10 Christmas Fishing gifts everybody wants” Which Christmas fishing gifts are on everybody's list this year? Get helpful ideas on best gifts for fishermen, fisherwomen. Make the fishing holidays merry!

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Bruna Carincotte
Bruna Carincotte
Bruna Carincotte brings to RBFF an extensive International experience in marketing, communications and public relations.  Originally from Brazil, and fluent in Portuguese, Spanish and English, Bruna has 13 years of experience in communications, with relevant project management skills developed in Latin America, Europe and North America.
Bruna now oversees public relations and social media strategies, as well as content development for RBFF’s social media channels and it’s Take Me Fishing™ | Vamos a Pescar™ brand campaigns.