December 2018

Why Devils Lake Ice Fishing Trips are Perfect for Perch Fans

Learn why Devils Lake ice fishing trips rank high for perch fishing, the best ways to find places to go ice fishing in Devils Lake, get your ND fishing license

Here’s 3 Oregon Surf Fishing Tips

Oregon surf fishing offers lots of opportunities? Here’s how to get started.

Beginner Fly Fishing Gear Checklist: 10 Essentials for Getting Started

Which items should you have on your beginner fly fishing gear checklist? Get a starter beginner fly fishing gear list, learn about the fly fishing basics

A Primer on Recreational Crabbing and Crab Fishing License Needs

Here’s info about whether you need a crab fishing license, where you can crab, the species, size, and number you can catch, the season, and other considerations.

Casting vs Spinning Rod

Casting vs spinning rod. Key features and benefits of a casting vs spinning rod and how to determine which type is right for you. 

Best Fishing Spots in Utah to Visit with a Fly Rod

List of the best fishing spots in Utah for fly fishing. Learn about places to fish in Utah with blue-ribbon designation, different trout species you can catch

10 Fun Christmas gifts you can give this season

This list of the best gifts for fishermen and fisherwomen will help you make a few quick and smart choices.

What is a One Day Boat License?

Interested in the possibility of a one day boat license? Here’s how to learn more.

Recruiting Fishing Partners Is Easier Than You Think

Recruiting fishing partners is easier than you think. Tips and things to consider when finding new fishing partners.

What Anglers Can Do To Help Curb Invasive Fish Species

Here’s how anglers can help prevent the spread of Asian carp, snakeheads, lionfish, and other invasive fish species, as well as invasive plants and mollusks.

9 Regalos de Pesca y Navegación para toda la vida

Ideas prácticas de regalos de pesca y navegación que les encantara a tus amigos y familiares.

Catching More Than Fish. The Value of this Sport for Young Women

Here are three of many reasons fishing is incredibly valuable for young women.

8 West Coast Boating Destinations That Will Melt Your Cares Away

List of West Coast boating destinations that offer scenic views, relaxing experiences boating on the West Coast, where to boat when visiting the West Coast

9 Fishing & Boating Gifts That Last a Lifetime

Gifts that keep on giving: books, workshops, fishing schools, lifetime licenses, boating safety courses, club memberships, natural resource publications, and more.

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