December 2020

When do fishing licenses expire?

Wondering when do fishing licenses expire? Or why do you need one? Learn the basics and get answers to frequently asked questions about fishing licenses.

Trucos para pescar en lagos de agua dulce

Casi en cualquier lugar puedes conseguir cuerpos de agua dulce para pescar. Con estos trucos para pescar en lagos lograrás conquistar la mejor experiencia.

Can You Fish with a Travel, Mini, or Pocket Fishing Rod?

Although telescopic, mini, and pocket fishing rods are economical space savers, they’re not as functional for serious fishing effort as a multi-piece travel rod

Winter Activities During COVID: 8 Ways to Social Distance Outdoors

Eight winter activities during COVID that can keep your family active outdoors. Winter activities outdoors that can keep you healthy while social distancing

Best Fishing Lakes in Southern California

Best fishing lakes in southern California. Explore California’s freshwater lakes and get inspired to plan your own California fishing adventure.

5 New Year Resolution Ideas for 2021

Here are 5 new year resolution ideas promoting healthy lifestyle changes, participating in outdoor activities, and spending time with loved ones.

Ice Fishing: Essential Gear for Hard Water Season

List of ice fishing essential gear to start hard water fishing this winter. Catch fish through the winter season by having your ice fishing gear ready

Consider the Ice Fishing Inline Reel

One-reel type for ice fishing is the inline reel. Here is how it differs from a spinning reel.

Clever Fishing Boat Names

Need inspiration for fishing boat names?  Check out this compilation of good fishing boat names to help rev your creative engine.

Flies, Lures, and Bait: Comparing Fly Fishing vs Regular Fishing

When new to fishing and assessing your options, you’ll be determining whether to start with flies, lures, or bait, and considering fly fishing vs regular fishing


Lake Fishing for Beginners: 5 Steps to Get Started

Lake fishing for beginners guidance, freshwater fishing resources, species to target, lake fishing tips for beginners on how to get started with live bait

Reminders for Ice Fishing Ponds

Pond ice fishing can be a great way to gain confidence before ice fishing larger waters.

10 Useful Holiday Gift Ideas for Anglers and Boaters

New holiday gift ideas for anglers, boaters will come in handy given the boost in fishing participation, check out these useful gift-giving suggestions

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