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5 Boating Holiday Wish List Categories

5 Boating Holiday Wish List Categories

By Andy Whitcomb

Dec 01, 2023

The boating holiday season is here and that means a time for gift giving. Here are some ideas that might make the wish list for boaters who made the Nice List.

The holiday season is upon us. For many northern boaters, this is a time of addressing the traditional boating holiday checklist for winter storage. Over the last two weekends, I have passed many big boats being towed south on Highway 79, leaving Lake Erie for the season. If you live in the South, you might get to continue boating holiday activities and get on the water all year. Or, depending on your boating holiday budget, perhaps you may even get to travel to one of the best boating holiday destinations like Florida or Texas.

Either way, after pounding down pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving, remember the pilgrim’s ships and be thankful for how much easier it must now be to keep that boat registration current. Moreover, because Christmas rapidly approaches, this is a great time to start dropping hints for that boating holiday wish list. Here are a few suggestion categories:


Boating holiday essentials for staying safe on the water are always useful and appreciated items. Important safety gear such as first aid kits, flares, fire extinguishers, and life jackets need to be replaced periodically anyway.



The bigger the boat, the more electronic equipment is used, such as fish finders, sonars, GPS units, or solar chargers. But these boating holiday ideas don’t have to be expensive. Even small batteries are useful for backup radios, flashlights, and such. In fact, if you wrap an inexpensive replacement wiring kit, the back of the boat trailer won’t be the only thing to light up.


Boaters also appreciate appropriate clothing and since the holiday season is cooler, a windbreaker jacket, gloves, or water resistant deck shoes are great gift ideas. Some might label this as boating holiday mistakes to avoid but others may want to go ahead and seize the opportunity to share your boating spirit or sense of humor with a sweatshirt, hat, or towel with some sort of a boating pun. Or knot.



Anyone boating during the holiday season might as well cast a line to try for that late season bite, which often is above average size fish. Even if the boat is in storage, fishing lures, hooks, and line need to be replaced from the season’s wear and tear. Plus, there is always room for another rod and reel combo on the boat. Or if you do have enough rods, I’ll bet you know a kid who is short one and it sure feels good to pass along this empowering sport.


Finally for this boating holiday wish list, a kayak or canoe might fit under the Christmas tree if you just move the sofa. Then again, keeping it a surprise would be difficult even with several rolls of wrapping paper. Another option might be an inflatable paddleboard model that fits in a backpack. In fact, it just might fit down the chimney.

Andy Whitcomb
Andy Whitcomb
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