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7 Outdoor Winter Activities

7 Outdoor Winter Activities

By Jeff Bogle

Dec 29, 2023

Winter brings colder days and minimal sunlight, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t great outdoor winter activities to do, with or without snow!

Winter has arrived and with it has come colder days with minimal sunlight. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t great outdoor winter activities to do, with or without snow! If you are looking for outdoor winter activities for adults to enjoy together without kids in tow or winter outdoor activities for families to have fun together, here are the best outdoor winter activities to try this year.


Whether you choose to have a full spread of food and cook over an open fire or just some hot cocoa in hand with a preprepared snack, this is one of the best outdoor winter activities without snow as well as one of the great free outdoor winter activities. Make it a romantic outing or a full-fledged family affair, but a winter picnic is a sweet and simple way to enjoy spending time outside during the wintertime.



You’ll need a bit of space in your freezer for this one, but freezing nature is one of the best free outdoor winter activities for children. Walk around your yard or a local park to collect pinecones, leaves, acorns, pine needles, and berries, along with other pieces of nature found in your area during wintertime, then put each into a plastic container and submerge with water before sliding into the freezer. Peek in on the freezing process to watch as air bubbles start to form and a layer of ice slowly begins to crust over the leaves and berries. Once fully frozen, hold and observe nature frozen in time, and then do what Elsa would sing — “Let It Go” and melt again!


The sky during winter is darker and has a lower moisture level than during humid summer evenings. Because of this, there is likely to be less haze to diminish your view of the heavens above. So, bundle up and spend some nighttime time outside! Grab a bottle of your favorite adult beverage, and sit out with the one you love during one of the most fun outdoor winter activities for adults. You’ll be amazed at how beautiful (and romantic) the night sky can be during the chillier months!


You don’t have to put your favorite hobby on ice just because the winter weather has blown into town! Try this fun form of fishing this winter by learning the basics of ice fishing. It might just become one of the new winter hobbies that you’ll end up loving!



The snow is not only pretty as it lies down a pristine blanket upon the world, but as you search for, “outdoor winter activities near me,” consider heading outside to look for animal prints that become clearly visible in the freshly fallen snow. Simply download an animal tracking guide app and discover the creatures who share your neighborhood!


The food supply for the birds that supply our neighborhoods with color and a pleasing soundtrack all spring and summer long dwindles in the winter. You can help by making a DIY bird feeder! This is one of the most creative and rewarding outdoor winter activities to do solo, with a partner, or as a family. Simply pick which kind of DIY bird feeder you’d like to make and get started on doing one of the coolest winter outdoor activities!


Remember how much fun sledding was when you were a kid? How would you dream of a snowstorm to get off from school so you could spend all day sliding down a hill? That kind of fun is still available, even though your back may be sorer now that you are an adult! Make this winter the season you recapture your childhood zest as you enjoy fun outdoor winter activities for adults!


Got kids? You’ll need lots of ideas to keep them happy and busy this winter. Check out these 10 outdoor winter activities for families and kids to enjoy together this year!

Jeff Bogle
Jeff Bogle
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