February 2016

Largemouth Bass Spawning and Fishing Considerations

Angler success for landing largemouth bass can be greatly affected by spawning activity.

5 Amazing Fish Spawning Facts You May Not Know

Fish behavior, specifically fish spawning behavior, can be absolutely amazing.

Spring Fishing is Right Around the Corner

Spring fishing is around the corner, the Groundhog told us that earlier this month.

Trout Stocking Report

Everybody loves to catch trout. However, sometimes the trout fisheries’ supply needs a little help to meet the demand.

9 Tips for Catching Blue Catfish in Texas

Blue catfish can be caught year-round in the state of Texas, but the month of February and the first few weeks of March can be one of the best times to target large fish.

Fishing in a National Park

A friend recently asked if I've ever gone fishing in a National Park. My answer? Just about every day.

Fly Fishing Basics: Loading the Reel

Because it is so unique, several aspects of fly fishing can be intimidating for a beginner or even someone just a little rusty.

3 Reasons to Vote for Your Top Fishing Spot

Beautiful scenery, fresh air, and a firm tug on your line -- there's nothing like the thrill of a catch from your top fishing spot.

A conservation plan that works

Conservation can sometimes be a double bind.

Boat Ready?

So far, the winter’s warmer temperatures in the Northeast have been a pleasant change from last year’s beast.

Fish Fitness and Conservation

Fisheries biologists use both length and weight measurements of fish to supervise the fitness of a fish.

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