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How To Plan Romantic Valentine’s Day Fishing Vacations

How To Plan Romantic Valentine’s Day Fishing Vacations

By Jeff Bogle

Feb 08, 2022

From having the talk to what to pack, this post will teach you how to plan romantic fishing vacations with the one you love this Valentine’s Day!

Planning the perfect Valentine’s Day fishing trip with your loved one is easy! Even if your partner is not as into fishing as you, finding success in romantic relationships means deriving joy from the other person experiencing joy! You can help make a Valentine’s Day fishing vacation an easier sell by making thoughtful arrangements for your romantic fishing vacations, meeting your other half halfway, and finding activities and accommodations you both will enjoy. Whether you shoot for the stars with exotic fishing getaways to surprise your partner or make fishing with your Valentine a more low-key affair locally, here’s how to plan a sweet-as-chocolate Valentine’s Day fishing experience you’ll each love this year!

Consider Your Wording

You may think that fishing is the perfect Valentine’s Day date but your partner may not immediately agree. Before you approach the topic of romantic fishing vacations, you need to get your wording correct. You may want to avoid the words ‘live bait’ and ‘before sunrise’, as these phrases could torpedo your grand plan before it even gets started! In-stead, paint a picture of serene days spent in nature together. Mention the unique opportunity for quiet and privacy that fishing can bring, the chance to kiss outdoors, and having a nice picnic on the water. Focus on their wants and needs above your own and before long, you’ll be enjoying fishing vacations together!

Plan The Best Meals For Romantic Fishing Vacations

Your food and beverage list may look quite different during a romantic fishing vacation. Maybe it’s a bottle of wine and two nice glasses instead of a six pack of beer, some fine dark chocolates this time and not a bag of potato chips! Plan a picnic with food and beverages your partner will love, including fruit, baked goods, cheese and crackers, some nuts, and whatever else they enjoy most at home. Don’t forget linen napkins, a corkscrew to open the wine, and even a pop up table and tablecloth to really make your Valentine’s Day fishing extra romantic.

Pack Special Extras

Battery operated candles, Bluetooth speaker, a blanket, and other special extras will transform your cozy spot on the water into a super romantic day and night of fishing with your Valentine.

Find The Perfect Spot To Fish Together

Ideally, your Valentine's Day fishing spot will be quiet, isolated, serene and picturesque. Alaska fishing vacations provide all of that and more, but your Valentine's Day fishing excursion could be on an ocean beach, pier, riverbank or on a rented pontoon boat. The latter gives you the utmost in privacy and a setting that will be easily convertible into a dining spot and place to snuggle up while listening to music after you’re all done with fishing.

Consider Exotic Fishing Getaways

Of course Alaska fishing vacations are one of the most spectacular bucket list exotic fishing getaways but you can also rent a private cottage or a cabin near a National Park for some tremendous fishing, hiking and sightseeing this Valen-tine’s Day. By making fishing just one piece of a bigger romantic vacation, you will score major points with your partner this Valentine’s Day, get to fish, and spend quality time together in the great outdoors.

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Jeff Bogle
Jeff Bogle
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