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Best Fishing Gear for Beginners

Best Fishing Gear for Beginners

By Sunshine Sol

Feb 08, 2023

Fishing gear recommendations for people who want to start fishing but don’t know where to begin.

Picking up a hobby such as fishing can seem intimidating, but it’s a very accessible pastime. All you need is a sunny day, a body of water, a cooler full of snacks, and all the time in the world - plus, you’ll need some gear. If you’re a beginner at fishing, the thought of buying the correct rod, reels, lines, and baits may be overwhelming- but the reality is, getting your fishing gear isn’t that hard. Here is a list of the best fishing gear for beginners.


1. Fishing license

The most important thing is to purchase your fishing license. Without it, all the gear and bait you buy will be obsolete. For instance, you can purchase day passes at state parks or a year-long license online.


2. Rod, reel, and line

These basics of fishing are typically sold together in an incredibly convenient package deal. Be on the lookout for a spinning rod, as it is more beginner-friendly and will allow you to practice casting until you're a pro.


3. Bait and tackle box

This is where things start to get rather complicated. There is a science to understanding how to catch specific types of fish and what kind of bait they are most likely to bite. But, as a beginner, buying simple worm baits and hooks will do the trick. Practice your casting and reeling techniques with this bait, and you’ll slowly advance to different kinds of baits. The tackle box will ensure you can keep the various baits and hooks you inevitably collect organized for easy access.


4. Clothing

Though you can fish in pretty much any clothing, there are certain pieces that will make your experience better and more enjoyable. The best clothing material is nylon. There are shirts made specifically for fishing that have lots of ventilation holes and long-sleeves for sun protection. Nylon pants are also recommended for breathability and movement. A bucket hat is also a great addition to the packing list, as it offers 360-degree sun protection of your face and neck. During the winter, layering is essential, and gloves are highly recommended.


5. Water and snacks

To keep you energized and happy all day, it’s important to plan and bring plenty of sustenance. It’s very easy to lose track of time while fishing and forget to eat or drink. Dehydration can easily creep up on you so having a cooler full of cold water and hydrating drinks close by will keep you feeling good all day. Also, nutritional, and protein-filled snacks like beef jerky, trail mix, snack bars, pretzels, and fruits will keep you energized throughout the day so you can catch record-setting fish.


Practice truly makes perfect. The more you fish, the more practice you get and the sharper your skills are. You’ll learn the best times of day to fish, the perfect bait, and the shady areas fish usually congregate during the hottest part of the day. Getting started is the hardest part and this guide will help you kickstart your journey.

Sunshine Sol
Sunshine Sol
Sunshine is an outdoor lifestyle content creator based in Virginia. She was born in the Philippines, and ever since moving to the United States she developed a love for travel. After working for the hospitality industry for several years, she created With Sunshine Sol during 2020. Along with her goldendoodle, Sancho, she travels and shares unique content on destinations, camping, hiking, gear guides, and more.