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Tips for Fishing during winter months

Tips for Fishing during winter months

By Staci Salazar

Jan 18, 2018

Still thinking about a New Year’s resolution? Are you stepping outside the box and looking for new ways to spend time with your family during 2018? Why not get outdoors and experience the joys of fishing and boating? 

Still thinking about a New Year’s resolution? Are you stepping outside the box and looking for new ways to spend time with your family during 2018? Why not get outdoors and experience the joys of fishing and boating? After all, we've already talked about how fishing can help reduce stress. Tackling a new year can be hectic, and fishing and boating can be the perfect escape your family is looking for.

New Year, New Memories on the Water

As you eagerly wait for the warmer months of spring and summer to be upon us, don’t shy away from finding different ways to spend time with loved ones outdoors. When thinking about how you want to make changes in the New Year, think about what’s important. Whether that be spending more time with family members and friends or chasing after new adventures, fishing and boating can be a great way to make those goals fun and simple

This year, consider some of the following resolutions that will help prioritize spending quality time as a family: 

1. Get Outdoors. Fishing and boating are great ways to be active and spend time experiencing nature’s beauty out on the water. 

2. Unplug. Spend less time looking at screens and find more opportunities to  have real experiences. Fishing and boating is a great way to stay active  and is something the whole family can enjoy and participate, no matter their age.  
3. Make New Memories. In 2018, try something new with your family. From planning traditional fishing trips in new locations to experiencing the joy of being out on the water, reeling in your #FirstCatch, fishing and boating are great ways to capture experiences no one will forget.   

Whether you’re planning for the seasons ahead or preparing the family for fishing during the colder months, 2018 is perfect time to find new and exciting ways to get outdoors and explore! 

Preparing for Fishing During the Colder Months

Depending on where you live, the weather could offer a challenge when it comes to fishing—but it can be done. Adjusting the way you prepare the family and the precautions you take on the water can allow for endless fun, if when temperatures are low. 

As the weather conditions change, so do the habits of the fish you're chasing. Again, depending on where you live, the body of water, and fish species you're trying to catch, these basic tips for fishing during cooler months of the year can help you enjoy a new tradition with the family during 2018.

1. Dress for the Occasion

Before you step foot outside, make sure you and the family are properly prepared for the weather. Dress according to the conditions and layer as needed. Starting with a base-layer will help manage moisture while adding an insulated layer that traps in body heat. Be smart and prepared so you can enjoy your fishing trip without worrying about being too cold. Packing a spare set of dry clothes is best for the trip home, especially with younger children in tow. 

2. Look for Deeper Waters

As the temperatures drop, the surface of the water cools off as well. Therefore, fish will be diving deeper to where the water will be warmer. Drop-offs and other areas with deep water access will produce more fish than the shallow waters. When fishing near deeper bodies of water, always ensure you’re keeping an eye on children and that everyone has on a lifejacket

3. Fish Ahead of the Front

Keeping an eye on the weather will help you achieve greater success while fishing with your family. When a cold front moves through the area, the fish tend to be less active. Therefore, if you head out before the front, the fish will likely be more active and more likely to bite. Not to mention, they tend to prefer being out during the daylight hours. So let the family sleep in and head out after breakfast.

4. Take it Slow

With the cold, fish can slow down a bit just as you and I may have the tendency to do. Therefore, they may not be interested in catching bait as it soars past them. Try a bigger lure at a slower pace to make it, not only easier for them to catch, but more appealing as well in the cold.

5. Try Ice Fishing

As temperatures drop lower and lower, some of the areas where you’re looking to reel in your #FirstCatch will begin freezing over. Ice fishing is a unique experience that offers anglers of all abilities the chance to continue participation, even during winter’s coldest months. 

As a family, we've discovered that one of the best gifts we can give each other is time. Fishing offers us the opportunity to enjoy nature, relax a little, and simply enjoy some quality time together. The New Year is the perfect time to re-evaluate what’s important and put a stronger focus on creating memories to last a lifetime. 

What fishing and boating trips will you plan for the New Year?

Make 2018 the most memorable one yet by using our interactive map to find places near you to get your family out on the water fishing all year round! 

Staci Salazar
Staci Salazar
Staci Salazar is the Founder and Editor-in Chief of Our Family Lifestyle. Her blog is for real families who like to keep it simple. From general lifestyle applications, to family travel, to everyday routines, it’s all about finding simplicity in the journey of life.