January 2022

How to Use a Baitfish Trap for Saltwater Fishing

Where and how the author uses an eel trap, minnow trap, and baitfish trap to capture live bait for inshore saltwater fishing, plus how to bait these

The 9 Best Outdoor Podcasts

Whether you prefer fishing and boating or camping and hiking, here are the 9 best outdoor podcasts for you to listen to, learn from, and love.

How Hogfish Taste Best: Preparing Florida’s Favorite Fillet

Learn about what hogfish taste like, list of cooking suggestions for Florida hogfish, simple recipe ideas for hogfish, information on hogfish fishing methods

3 Tips for Finding Ice Fishing Spots by Species

Locating a particular species through the ice can be a challenge but here are some tips that will help get you “warm.”

8 Ways To Reduce Stress in the New Year

Make a new year’s resolution to reduce the stress and anxiety in your daily life. Here are 8 ways to reduce stress in the new year!

5 New Year's Resolutions for Strengthening Your Connection to Nature

Check out these 5 new year’s resolutions for strengthening your connection to nature and improving your emotional wellbeing in the process.

Winter Kayaking Checklist: Prep for Cold Weather Paddling

List of winter kayaking tips that apply to winter kayaking gear, winter kayaking clothing, ensuring your cold weather adventures on the water are safe

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