July 2014

Beat the Heat

I spoke with my friend Dave Dayton last week and he was all jacked up.  He and his son fished for two mornings at Honey Lake Plantation in Northern Florida, right on the Florida/Georgia Line (sorry, I couldn’t resist).  So how was the fishing, Dave?

Garden Harvest

This time of year, most gardens are producing plenty of vegetables and flowers. Though gardens require work to maintain, the tasty results are well worth the trouble.

10 Saltwater Fish Species to Catch by Boat

While there are many fish species that can easily be caught while fishing from the shore or a fishing pier, there are also several that you wouldn’t have much of a chance at catching unless you were fishing offshore from a boat.

The Digital Revolution

For a traditionalist like me, giving up my maps, charts, and visits to a tackle or coffee shop is not going to happen. 


I don’t know if he fishes but last week, I followed the approximate path of Lebron James’ moving truck and drove 1066 miles to attend  ICAST in Orlando, Florida. It

Places to Boat and Fish

Remember how the digital world was positioned as a way to make life easier and more efficient?  In some ways it hasn’t but in other ways it certainly has been wildly successful.  A lot of fishing sites are a great example, with finding a spot to go boating or fishing being an important one.

5 Fishing Gear Tips for Urban Anglers

Chicago has Lake Michigan, Detroit has the Detroit River, New York has Central Park, and San Francisco has San Francisco Bay.

4 Family-Friendly Spots for Lunker Largemouth Bass

It has been said that people often give nicknames to those they care about most.

Carp Love

The common carp is so widely distributed we often forget it is a non-native species. Good luck finding a lake or river without these bottom-dwelling fish wallowing it. In many bodies of water, carp make up a majority of the fish biomass.

Conservation through Participation

Anglers and boaters help protect our aquatic natural places and the wildlife that lives there through fishing licenses, boat registrations, fishing gear and boat fuel sales, and much more. Here's how it works:

For Space, Beauty, and Good Fishing, Nothing Beats a National Park

According to the National Park Service, our country (including Alaska, Hawaii, and the U.S. Virgin Islands) has a whopping 7804 parks for us to visit.

City Bites

When I travel I always keep my eyes open for fishing opportunities.  

7 Hints for Happier Boating and Fishing Trips

I know, I know. Boating and fishing trips are already happy… how can you possibly make a day on the water even happier? Stay safe and plan activities to keep the family entertained while afloat.

Urban Fishing: Sail with the wind you’ve got

There is a boaters saying that applies to life; “we sail with the wind we’ve got.”  Sometimes we don’t get to have our cake and eat it, too, and sportsmen who live in cities usually do so for one reason: a job to take care of their families.

Fishing Bat Belt

For those stormy days when you can’t go fishing or boating, it is the summer movie “blockbuster” season.

Purchase a Fishing License