Fishing Bat Belt

For those stormy days when you can’t go fishing or boating, it is the summer movie “blockbuster” season. Maybe there is a new superhero movie. I understand another Batman movie in production.

Batman differs from most superheroes in that he often relies on his “wonderful toys,” as the Joker once said. Some of these gadgets are kept on his utility belt. With all of the tools that can be clipped to a belt, this fisherman sometimes feels like Batman.

  • Multi tool. It includes pliers to help unhook fish and a handy screw driver, among other tools.

  • Cell phone. If a smart phone, there is a app for locating “hot spots” or boat ramps.

  • Bait holder. This version is for bait in jars such as salmon eggs or PowerBait.

  • Knife. Large blade for cutting bait, rope, or opening that economy size box of honeybuns.

  • Rod holder. This works for holding that spare fishing rod, or if you need to warm your hands while bait fishing on a chilly morning.

What do you clip to your Bat… I mean, fishing belt?

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Andy Whitcomb

Andy Whitcomb

Andy is an outdoor writer ( and stressed-out Dad has contributed over 380 blogs to since 2011. Born in Florida, but raised on banks of Oklahoma farm ponds, he now chases pike, smallmouth bass, and steelhead in Pennsylvania. After earning a B.S. in Zoology from OSU, he worked in fish hatcheries and as a fisheries research technician at OSU, Iowa State, and Michigan State.