July 2017

Ocean Kayak Fishing: How to Stay Safe, Secure, Mobile

Kayak fishing in the ocean requires a versatile, stable craft that is safe, secure, and mobile. Here’s why.

A Few Components of the Best Telescopic Fishing Rods

Rod construction has improved so much over the years that multi-piece rods cast as well as one-piece rods. Telescopic fishing rods offer the ultimate in compact performance.

Fishing License Age Perks You Should Know About

Each state has different fishing license age requirements. Learn about age requirements, special exemptions, discounts that may apply to you or family members

Potential for Asian Carp in Great Lakes Could Cause Problems

Asian carp are a threat to the Great Lakes. They are difficult to stop and tricky to catch. Here’s why.

Una comunidad en el muelle

Lee la aventura de pesca en un muelle de Nate, su esposa y sus tres hijos. La pesca es una gran oportunidad para pasar tiempo en familia

A Pier Community

I’m not going to beat around the kelp: I love to eat fish. To be frank, that’s what attracted me to fishing. I mean, why buy the cow when I can get the fish for free?

4 Simple but Effective Tips on How to Catch Sunfish

All anglers like to catch fish, and here are some tips for hooking more sunfish.  If you think they're easy to catch then elevate your level of play and make it a game.  Use tackle and techniques that are more challenging and you'll turn the common sunfish into an exciting fish to catch. 

4 Types of Fuel Efficient Boats for Fishing

Learn about fuel efficient boats for fishing. Find out which types of boats rank at the top of the list for boat gas mileage, most fuel efficient hull designs.

Fishing in Los Angeles: Best Freshwater & Saltwater Spots

Los Angeles holds a surprising amount of fishing opportunities, both freshwater and saltwater. Here is where to start.

Bass Fishing in White Rock Lake: Top Place in Texas

Angler's living in major metropolitan cities always look for ways to get on the water, but White Rock Lake makes it easy.  Where else can you catch largemouth bass, white bass, and catfish so close to downtown?

3 Best Lake Erie Walleye Fishing Lures

Learn about the best Lake Erie walleye fishing lures to use, when to try them, why they work. Get the top lure suggestions for Lake Erie, catch more fish.

Best Fishing Spots in Dallas and What to Catch

There are plenty of fishing opportunities in Texas. Some of the best spots are in and around Dallas. 

Fishing with Children: Six Steps to Success

Fishing with children is much more fun if you load up a stringer or fill up your live well, so follow these tips to help increase your chances of success. 

Helpful Info for Salmon Fishing in Oregon

Oregon has salmon and steelhead fishery. Here is some information to get you started for fishing for these strong, ocean migrating fish.

Why It Is Important to Take a Boater Safety Course

Boating is one of our nation’s favorite pastimes for a simple reason—it’s a great way to spend time with the people we care about! However, it is important that you are properly educated on boat safety best practices in order to ensure the safety of all passengers on board. 

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