June 2019

8 Things to Include On a Small Boat Safety Checklist

Making and referring to a small boat safety checklist ensures you have required and optional equipment with you on the water. Here’s what should be on the list.

Tuna Tackle For Beginners: 5 Lures you’ll Love

Tuna tackle for beginners. Learn five types of lures all seasoned anglers should add to their tuna fishing tackle box.

Braid to Fluorocarbon Knot: Steps for Tying the Uni-to-Uni

Get the steps for tying an easy braid to fluorocarbon knot. Tying fishing knots like the uni-to-uni can be easier than you think for connecting leader to line

5 Best Places to Fish in Indianapolis for Smallmouth Bass

List of five of the best places to fish in Indianapolis, within a short drive from Indianapolis for smallmouth bass based on habitat, access, family fishing

Mississippi river boating

There are many opportunities for Mississippi river boating. Here are some things to research before getting on this massive river.

Offshore fishing safety equipment every recreational boater needs

Top offshore fishing safety equipment for recreational vessels. From a VHF radio to a ditch bag, learn what safety equipment to pack before you venture offshore.

10 Ways to Participate in Ready Set Wear It 2019 for Safer Boating

Get information on Ready Set Wear It 2019. Learn specific ways to boat safe, wear a PFD, ensure your boat has the required equipment, USCG approved life jackets

Considering Lifetime Fishing License Price

A lifetime fishing license is available in most states. The savings varies by state. Here are some reasons why.

5 Ways to Celebrate Great Outdoors Month 2019

June is Great Outdoors Month 2019, a celebration of America’s great outdoors and all the benefits it brings into our lives. Here are six ways to celebrate.

Do You Need a Boat License in Your State or Another State?

Do you need a boat license is a confusing question, as you may or may not need to complete a boating safety education course to operate a boat. Here’s what to know.

Fun Fishing Trip Ideas for this Summer

If you are looking for a few fun fishing trip ideas for this season, you don't have to look very far. It's easy to find a local lake or pond close to home.

What To Know About Required and Optional Boating Safety Equipment

Here’s a review of the required and optional boating safety equipment you should have onboard your boat or paddlecraft to enjoy a safe day of boating.

How to Wrap Up National Fishing and Boating Week 2019

Ways to keep the National Fishing and Boating Week 2019 celebration going. Ideas for family trips, how to learn more about the sport, create family traditions

New to Boating Checklist: 6 Must-Knows for New Boat Owners

New to boating? Here are the top six ownership basics new boat owners should tackle. From safety and maintenance to insurance and more.

NOAA Supports Recreational Fishing and Boating in the U.S.

Recreational fishing and boating are two of America’s favorite pastimes. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) works every day to support and promote safe, enjoyable, and sustainable outdoor recreation in our Nation’s coastal and ocean waters.

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