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14 Fun Things to do Outside by Yourself

14 Fun Things to do Outside by Yourself

By Alycia Downs

Jun 22, 2020

We all need a little “me time.” Check out this list of 14 things to do outside by yourself in any setting, whether you prefer land or sea, mountains or valleys.

Sometimes, we all need a little “me time.” Even if you prefer to have a companion, try finding a few things to do outside by yourself that you enjoy. You might be surprised at the mental clarity and energy you take away from it. Whether you prefer land or sea, mountains or valleys, check out this list of 14 things to do outside by yourself in any setting.

  1. Read a book. Bring a lounge chair and kick back in your favorite spot.
  2. Journal. Try writing poetry, thoughtstream, or doodling.
  3. Go for a walk. Studies show that walking outside 20 minutes a day can boost your mood.
  4. Enjoy a coffee. At a street cafe, a park, or on your own porch. Take in the sights and sounds around you.
  5. Take in a sunrise or sunset. Nature’s beautiful way of greeting you each day and bidding you good night.
  6. Go fishing. Fishing solo allows you to connect with nature and wildlife in a personal way.
  7. Find a new outdoor eatery. Check out a new cafe or restaurant with outdoor seating. Maybe even a rooftop with a view.
  8. Pot a plant (or two). Pick out your favorite plant at your local nursery and add some fresh life and color into your home.
  9. Make your own bouquet. Trim roadside flowers and native plants to craft your own wild, beautiful bouquet.
  10. Be a photographer. You don’t need a fancy camera to take great photos. Looking for photographic opportunities can give you a new perspective on everyday people, places, and things.
  11. Explore. Be a tourist in your own town. Try new shops or cuisines. Check out the local attractions. You’ll find a whole new appreciation for what lies in your backyard.
  12. Ride on wheels. Find a scenic spot to take a bike ride or cruise around on roller blades or skates.
  13. Go to a park. Play on the swingset, people watch from a park bench, or lay out on a blanket. There is no shortage of beautiful parks to explore.
  14. Unplug and relax. Sit peacefully without checking your phone or listening to music. Tune into your thoughts, focus on breathing, and let the stress melt away.

Get out and enjoy the great outdoors while trying these fun things to do outside by yourself!

Alycia Downs
Alycia Downs
Alycia Downs is a freelance content creator and avid sportsman who contributes to numerous publications promoting tourism, fishing, and outdoors. Alycia is a member of the Florida Outdoor Writers Association and is actively involved with conservation and fishing non-profit organizations. Visit her personal blog at or on Instagram @tideandtale.