8 Father’s Day Ideas For Every Kind of Dad

By Ken Schultz

Jun 14, 2022

Looking for original things for Father’s Day? This year, skip the stuff and focus of moments and memories with these 8 Father's Day ideas.

Shopping for dad can be difficult, but unique Father’s Day gifts do exist! Does he need another pair of sneakers? May-be not, because he's probably reluctant to give up his favorite kicks from many years ago. Instead of more stuff, here are 8 Father's Day ideas for dad that focus on things to do, memories to make, and stories worth sharing and holding onto forever.

1. Fondue Feast

A (tiny) open flame, crusty bread, hardy cheese, melty chocolate, and being in control over the 'cooking' —as far as Fa-ther's Day ideas go, a fondue feast has almost everything a dad loves! Plus, in addition to being delicious, it's a family friendly and immensely fun activity too.

2. Make a Time Capsule

The days drag on but the years, boy do they fly by. This is a factual sentiment that many men don't fully understand until they become a dad. One of the best Father's Day ideas for kids and dads to do together then is to make a time capsule. Freeze this exact moment in time by capturing dad’s and his kids’ current passions. Put mementos, notes, and other items into a box then seal it for a period of time (1, 3, 5 years or longer). Make a goofy but legally binding pinky promise not to open it until the chosen date!

3. A Family Bike Ride

Looking for active and outdoor activity ideas for Father's Day? Strap on your helmets and take a long bike ride with dad. Make the journey tasty by packing a picnic with his favorite foods and drinks too, and you’ll have created a perfect Fa-ther's Day gift that's also a memorable experience he'll cherish all year long.

4. Outdoor Movie Night

Stargaze in two ways with a summertime outdoor movie! When consider the coolest things for Father's Day, plan to watch the newest movie release with the hottest stars projected onto a screen, beneath true white hot stars above!

5. Let Dad Get Retro

He's probably got stories of his younger days, of playing old games, listening to records, and eating less-than-healthy food. On Father’s Day this year, let dad get retro! Ask him to share his funny stories, his old tunes, find and play those retro video games together, and let dad indulge in the snacks he used to eat ‘back in the day’ without the heartburn!

6.Promote Self Care for Dad

Many dads are so busy taking care of their kids and family that they neglect to care for themselves, their body, mind, and skin. One of the good ideas for Father's Day is to pamper papa with a leg and scalp massage, apply face lotion to his rough cheeks and nose, and give him a Father's Day gift of some manly skin care products with scents that he loves, so that he can continue caring for himself.

7. Take Dad Fishing

All year long, dad is consistently looking for ways to enhance his family's life. On Father's Day this year, plan day trips to take dad fishing. Get the bait, find the lake, book the boat, make a playlist, pack a lunch, and make memories while fishing with dad.

8. Ask Dad 100 Questions

My first book, 100 Questions For Dad, was published ahead of last Father’s Day, but it remains a fun and original way for dad to document his unique life story. By answering these 100 questions, he’ll share with his kids and future genera-tions the journey that led him to today. The guided journal also helps teach dad about the importance of storytelling and the value is preserving his own tale. My second book is a Father's Day gift that lets kids show and tell dad all the ways they love him.

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Ken Schultz
Ken Schultz
Ken Schultz was a longtime staff writer for Field & Stream magazine and is the former Fishing Editor of ESPNoutdoors.com. He’s written and photographed nineteen books on sportfishing topics, plus an annual fishing tips calendar, and his writing has appeared on various websites for more than two decades. His author website is kenschultz.com