May 2016

Fly Fishing Tips: Get My Drift

In fly fishing, not only is it important for a fly to land like an insect but it also needs to drift like an insect. “Drifting” a fly is the art of doing nothing, correctly. Here are three fishing techniques to achieve a more convincing drift.

How to Use Old Fishing Tackle in 8 New Ways

Wondering what to do with your old fishing tackle? You don't always need to part with your favorite fishing lures, bobbers, and nets. Check out these creative ways to reuse or recycle tackle!

Check Your Fly Fishing Gear Knowledge

Terminology can be confusing for fly fishing beginners. Luckily, learning to fly fish isn't hard, and understanding these five common terms will make it easier.

Fishing Tips: Run for the Border

Borders or edges of areas in lakes or rivers can be great fishing spots. Here are some reasons why it might pay off to focus on transition areas during your next family fishing trip, plus tips on how to find them. 

5 Family Fishing Trips You Need to Take This Summer

Need a few ideas on great family fishing destinations you can visit this summer? Read about these 5 top places and find out why they rank high on our list!

All You Need To Know About Kayak Fishing

Kayak fishing is an exciting new sport. Check out these tips to find out the basics, from getting gear to mastering the techniques for your best fishing trip yet!

Get Your Fishing License the Easy Way

Wondering where to get your fishing license and register your boat? Here are five things you can do online so you’ll be ready for summer fishing fun.

8 Safe Boating Tips That Could Save Your Life

Safe boating saves lives. Do you practice safe boating when on the water? Follow these boating safety guidelines to make sure your trips are enjoyable ones.

5 Things to do during National Fishing and Boating Week 2016

Celebrate National Fishing and Boating week with your family and friends on June 2-10, 2018.

Helpful Family Fishing Tools: The Fish Gripper

Four tips for using a fish gripper for safety, family fishing, and fish photos. Angler dad explains benefits of this handy fishing tool.

Try These 5 Simple Fly Fishing Tips

Looking for a few fly fishing tips that will keep the learning process simple and fun? Find out what to remember and where to go for fly fishing success.

4 Chances to Make Family Fishing Memories

Be sure to include plenty of family fishing trips along with summer jobs, athletic camps and other activities. 

Crafting New Lure Designs for Family Fishing

 Here’s a fun idea for your next family fishing trip: let your kids design their own fishing lures using crafting supplies. 

7 Signs That You Might Need New Fishing Gear

Is your drag grinding? Fishing line fraying? You might need some new fishing gear. Learn 7 of the key signs that it could be time to visit a tackle shop!

Como Comprar tu primer Bote

Recuerdo a comprar mi primer bote como si fuera ayer. Quizás es porque todo lo que tengo que hacer es caminar hasta mi casa a verlo.

Get Ready for #ReelFun this National Fishing & Boating Week

Ready to celebrate National Fishing and Boating Week? Fishing League Worldwide (FLW) expert anglers will be in more than 1,000 Walmart stores June 3-5, providing tips on fishing tackle and techniques. Meet your local fishing expert, test your casting skills, and enter to win prizes including a fishing trip to Amelia Island, FL.

¿Por qué pescar y a salir en bote es mejor que una caja de chocolates?

Puede ser que te recuerdes de la siguiente cita famosa de la película Forrest Gump:
“Mi mamá siempre decía: "La vida era como una caja de chocolates. Nunca se sabe lo que vas a conseguir".

7 Fly Fishing Tips for Beginners

Fly fishing isn't hard, but it is different. Approach it with patience and follow these tips to catch trout and panfish. 

How to Fish Better: Work on New Techniques

Even avid anglers have techniques they need to work on, fishing tackle they need to try, and new fish species to target. 

Best Bait for Spring Bass Fishing

Ready to go bass fishing this spring? Use these helpful spinnerbait tips to catch more largemouth bass on your next freshwater trip.

5 Pasos para seleccionar el bote de tus sueños

No hay nada como pasar un día en bote con la familia o los amigos, disfrutando de la soledad de actividades al aire libre y los sentimientos de relajación que vienen con el suave balanceo de las olas. De hecho, si eres un fan del estilo de vida canotaje y la pesca que usted ha decidido que es hora de pensar en la compra de su propio bote de este tipo.

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