All You Need To Know About Kayak Fishing

Many kayak fishers will be well-experienced in the sport, and others just ready to jump straight in! If you fall into the latter, then it’s time to take a step back and consider a few points first.

The Kayak
Understanding the rhythm, balance and movement of your kayak will help you to maneuver diverse waters successfully. The kayak is a vessel unlike any other - it is lightweight and significantly confined. A few lessons will give real insight into the sport, and is the perfect opportunity for you to decide on a kayak. A wide, short boat will give increased stability and control in fast-moving waters, where a narrow boat will enhance efficiency.

The Waters
A fisher on a kayak can go places they haven’t been to before and face challenges that larger vessels avoid. In this case, it’s best to know exactly what you’re up against. Thorough research into the terrain and conditions of the region is essential. Confirming the weather ahead of time will stop you from ending up the proverbial creek once there!

Your Kit
Before you pack up the car there might be something you’re forgetting - your kit. The right boating accessories will make or break your catch, not to mention keep you safe within the kayak. Every able fisherman will be in possession of a rod, and live-bait. But you’ll also need a rod holder and life jacket for those sticky situations! Whether you’ve been swimming for months or years, capsizing knocks you about.

Mastering your kayak fishing technique will involve plenty of practice (and mistakes!) in order to make the cut. The most important consideration is the species of fish you’ll be looking for - a large fish has the power to literally drag your kayak around. 

The last thing you want is to end up face down in your kayak or completely soaked in the water, but when maneuvered correctly a kayak can give you the added bonus of stealth.

A combination of the best boat safety equipment, knowledge and common sense is ideal. If you can see black storm clouds and few rips out on the water, then it’s best to call it a day. While fishing is a great sport for some peace and quiet, it can be even better with a friend! Taking to the water with a fellow fisherman and an able kayaker is a great support system for when you’re just starting out.

Don't forget to purchase fishing licenses and check the fishing regulations for the state you plan to do kayak fishing.

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Rod Smith

Rod Smith

As the former President of the Boating Industry Association, Rod’s passion for boating and fishing is utilised in his current role as Managing Director of CH Smith Marine. Offering his masterful expertise, Rod ensures that customers leave with a love for the sea that parallels his own.