May 2017

Several Types of Fishing Maps to Help You on the Water

Once you're licensed and your boat is dewinterized you're ready to go fishing.  A topographical fishing map or a nautical chart is an ideal way to find your spots and to navigate safely to them.

5 Best Summer Bass Lures: Warm Weather Favorites

Learn about five of the best summer bass lures, why they work, which techniques to use, spots to use these bass fishing lures for more bites in hot weather

Important California Boat Registration Reminders

California boat registration is required for most watercrafts and there are some additional requirements that residents should be aware of.

The Best Day to Catch a Trophy Bass

Bass are fat and egg-laden in the prespawn, making it prime trophy-hunting season. As for the best prespawn day to go for a big one, our opinions probably differ

Frog Fishing 101

There are many, many frogs available to anglers these days. Learn about what frog to use and when.

How to dewinterize a boat engine

Spring outboard maintenance gets all motors ready for the fishing and boating season.  Here are five tips to get your outboard in ship shape.

Water Conservation: Do These 5 Things To Help

Water conservation should be a priority for all anglers. Learn five ways to conserve water so that our aquatic eco-systems thrive for future generations.

5 experiencias que viviras en un dia de pesca familiar

Pescar tiene encantos indiscutibles que todos conocemos. Es una forma efectiva de relajarse, compartir momentos amenos en buena compañía y disfrutar de las bondades de estar al aire libre.

2017 Best Places to Fish and Boat Contributors

An exciting group of distinguished contributors and experts have sourced the list, sharing their favorite family-friendly fishing and boating spots

Trucos de pesca que me enseñó mi abuelo

¿Quién no recuerda con cariño algo que aprendió de su abuelo? Las cosas que los mayores nos enseñaron se quedan con nosotros para siempre y, en muchos casos, se convierten en verdaderas tradiciones familiares. Ese es el caso de algunos consejos de pesca que aprendí de mi abuelo.

Best Family-Friendly Places to Fish & Boat in 2017

Check out the highlights from the 2017 Best Family-Friendly Places to Fish and Boat list. Celebrities, fishing professionals, federal and state representatives share their best places.

How to Catch Tarpon: Top 5 Tarpon Fishing Tips

It's tarpon season, and part of what drives most tarpon fishermen's obsession is that more fish break off than are landed.  Tarpon get under your skin, they get in your blood, and fishing for them is addictive. 

5 Tuna Fishing Season Facts You Need To Know

Find out how tuna fishing season is regulated, where to catch bluefin tuna, yellowfin tuna. Learn when to try your luck at catching one of these giant fish.

Learn to Sail: Helpful Suggestions to Get You Started

Sailing is a great experience but there is a lot to learn before setting out on a wind powered adventure. Here are some tips for beginning to learn to sail. 

Bass Fishing 101: Choosing the Right Jig

The basic jig is one of the most versatile baits that a bass angler can have in their arsenal. It can be fished just about any way, in any depth, and around most types of cover and structure.

Boat Registration Renewal Season

If you haven't registered your boat then now is the time to do it.  And if you've never registered a new or used boat before then here's how.

7 Summer Lake Okeechobee Fishing Tips

Lake Okeechobee fishing can be challenging for first-timers during the summer. Get tips that will help you select the right baits, find the spots, catch fish.

Your Top New York Fishing License Options

New York has a wide range of fishing opportunities. The first step is learning
your New York fishing license options.

Purchase a Fishing License