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Shopping For the Best Kids Swim Vest

Shopping For the Best Kids Swim Vest

By Jeff Bogle

Nov 23, 2022

Find a toddler’s swim vest that looks awesome and is safe enough to give you the peace of mind you need to have fun on the water this summer.

Kids life jackets or a baby swim vest will ensure that your warm summer days spent on and around the water are safe, stress-free, and more fun for the whole family. There are many United States Coast Guard approved toddler swim vest options and swim vests for dogs available today. But finding a USCG-approved kids swim vest that looks cool enough for your kiddo to not complain about wearing it and that is also safe enough to give you the peace of mind you need to unwind on the water and have fun doing outdoor activities with your family can be a challenge. Here’s a great list to make sure you find a youth swim vest perfect for you and your entire family.


What Is a Kid’s Swim Vest?

An infant swim vest will give your young child the lift they need as they learn to swim. What makes a swimming vest such a great investment is that they are perfect for helping children as they begin to doggy paddle, without being bulky. When used with close adult supervision, your kiddo will move freely in the water, gain confidence, and learn to swim. It’s important to note that a toddler swim vest is not meant to take the place of a proper life jacket because a swimming vest is not designed to be a life-saving device.


Shopping For the Best Kids Swim Vest

Here are 5 fun and affordable swimming vests for your kids so the whole family can be safe while on the water.


1. Speedo Safe Splasher Coast Guard Approved Swim Vest

A puppy dog in shades who is chilling out in their own inner tube makes this Speedo swim vest stylish and fun, and also a safe choice to enjoy fun summer water activities with your family. With a weight range from 30-50 pounds, any child ages 1-6 should be floating happily in this beautiful youth swim vest that is USCG approved.


2. Body Glove Kids' Paddle Pals Splash USCG PFD Swim Vest

Does the design make a kids swim vest safer? No, but a cute unicorn, banana with sunglasses, and flamingo on a swimming vest can go a long way toward encouraging your little one to not only put a swim vest on, but keep it on while playing in and around the water. This Body Glove swimming vest is one piece, has neck and head support, requires no inflation, and is USCG approved!


3. Baby Shark SwimWays Learn-to-Swim USCG Approved Kids Life Vest

With an adjustable but out of reach back buckle strap for children 30-50 pounds, and permanent built-in chest and arm flotation for greater mobility in the water, plus a fun water squirter, this baby swim vest is destined to be a favorite for families.


4. Body Glove Paddle Pals U.S. Coast Guard Approved Kids Swim Vest

Suitable for toddlers weighing between 33-55 pounds, this USCG approved youth swim vest not only looks awesome with mermaids, dinosaurs, a ladybug, and an octopus playing the drums, and will keep your kiddo buoyant in the water, it has a safety shoulder harness that prevents chaffing and prevents this cool kid swim vest from coming off in the wa-ter.


5. O'Neill Child Superlite USCG Life Vest

Easy fastening buckles, a snug fit, and anatomically cut lightweight foam flotation combine to make this pastel hued O’Neill youth swim vest is a fantastic USCG approved toddler swim vest for summer family boating, lake swimming, or a summer fishing road trip vacation with your kids.


Continue to keep yourself and your kids safe in and around the water this summer with these essential water safety rules and tips.

Jeff Bogle
Jeff Bogle
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