October 2014

Fall Boat Shows

I’m not a tire kicker but I sure act like one.

Take It or Leaf It

Over the years, I’ve had many “issues” disrupt fishing plans.

Camping and Fishing Can Be More Refreshing Than a Hotel Stay

It may have happened to you once or twice, but you won't let it happen again.

10 Essential Tools to Keep on Board Your Boat

What do you do when the latch that secures the lid on your livewell won’t lock and you just finished throwing a cast net for two hours so that you’d have enough bait for a day of fishing?

Affordable Fishing Vacations

Two weeks ago the frame on my Toyota 4-Runner broke when one tire bounced through a pot hole.  I wasn’t angry for the truck was a 2000 model and I had put nearly 250,000 miles on the odometer.


When fishing clear-water small streams and wading along the shore, anglers pay close attention to the location of riffles, pools, and especially, “holes” and how fish relate to these visible features.

A Boat for Every Budget

There is no shortage of boats that cost as much — if not more — than an average American home.

How to Save Time With Ready to Use Fishing Gear

So, there you are… standing on the shore with your fishing rod in hand, poised and ready to cast your shiny new silver spoon into the water at a chunky bass you just spotted near a log.

Fishing Tips From A Goofy Movie

It’s never a bad time to learn the fine art of fishing.

Pre-Owned Boat for Sale

I bought a pre-owned boat this summer and we don’t plan on parting with it anytime soon.

4 Great Boats for Beginners

Stress-relief, fresh air, and family bonding time -- just a few of the reasons you have decided to invest in your very first boat.

Get ahead of next year's boating curve

What does ‘a stitch in time saves nine’ and ‘never put off until tomorrow what you can do today’ have in common?

Ways to Take Full Advantage of Free Outdoor Events

It may not be the holiday season just yet, but did you know something? The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service offers us a gift each year that many outdoor-lovers don’t know about, or take advantage of.

Whose Zander is Grander?

Fishing from a kayak is great fun. Even if the fish aren’t biting, you are still kayaking. This light water craft gets one close to water, yet it is stable and stealthy.

Purchase a Fishing License