Fall Flounder Fishing on the Texas Coast

By Julie Hagan

Oct 11, 2018

Fall is a great time to fish on the Texas coast for flounder. Yearly flounder runs begin in November and come with special rules and regulations to know before you go. Popular fishing techniques include night fishing with a gig. 

When temperatures cool off and the weather clears, anglers head to the Texas coast for the yearly ‘flounder run’. Flounder typically migrate from the bays to the Gulf of Mexico after the first cold front of the year when water temperatures drop. This makes November and December an ideal time to target flounder.

One of the most popular methods for catching flounder is with a gig but they can also easily be taken with a traditional rod and reel. A gig resembles a spear and has a long shaft and a pointed end that can be used to spike the fish in shallow water. Flounder prefer shallow water where they can hide on the sandy bottom. Flounder fishing is a great option for anglers who don’t want to venture too far into the Gulf for a delicious meal.

Flounder can be found in all the bay systems in Texas from Sabine Lake to the Lower Laguna Madre. Some anglers prefer night fishing where they can wade through the water with the help of lanterns. But the choice is yours!


Before you head out remember the special rules and regulations for flounder during this time of year:
  1. From Nov. 1 to Dec. 14 the bag limit is 2 fish per person per day
  2. In November you may ONLY use a rod and reel to catch flounder
  3. From Dec. 1 to Dec. 14 you can use any legal device including a gig

Don't forget to purchase your TX fishing license before planning your next fishing trip this fall.

Julie Hagan
Julie Hagan
Julie Hagen is a social media specialist for Texas Parks and Wildlife Department in the Coastal Fisheries Division. Born and raised in the Texas Hill Country she travels to the coast for work and fun.