How to catch a Kokanee salmon in Wyoming

Yes--it’s true. Wyoming, known for its blue-ribbon trout waters, also has great Kokanee salmon fishing. The Cowboy state has a flourishing wild kokanee salmon population, and the Wyoming Game and Fish Department also raises Kokanee in our fish hatcheries. We stock over 1.6 million kokanee a year for fishing, many grown from eggs harvested from our wild population.

If you’re ready to pursue this elusive but tasty fish, Lars Alsager, hatchery superintendent from the Speas Hatchery shares the best trolling setups, rigs, bait, materials and methods to help you get one on your line.


To catch a Kokanee head to these Wyoming waters: 
  • Flaming Gorge
  • Alcova Reservoir
  • Boulder Lake
  • Fremont Lake
  • Fontenelle Reservoir
  • High Savery Reservoir
  • Lake Hattie
  • Lower Green River Lake
  • New Fork Lake
  • Rob Roy Reservoir
  • Louis Lake

Wyoming has a daily fishing license for nonresidents for $14/day and residents for $6/day. Nonresidents can also buy a 5-day license for $56. Youth under 14 fish for free; nonresident youth under 14 need to fish with a licensed adult. Annual licenses are available, too. Buy a Wyoming fishing license online.

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For more information contact Wyoming Game and Fish Department at (307) 777-4600

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The Wyoming Game and Fish Department

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department

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