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6 Activities to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

6 Activities to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

By Claudina Hannon

Sep 07, 2023

Tips on how to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month this year. Suggestions on which activities to participate in locally.

Hispanic Heritage Month (HHM) is a celebration of the Latinx culture and its people. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Hispanic Heritage Month honors and celebrates those who "trace their roots to Spain, Mexico and the Spanish-speaking nations of Central America, South America, and the Caribbean." It is a wonderful opportunity for anyone to connect with family, friends, and different communities across the United States. .

So, when is Hispanic Heritage Month? Let us jump into a bit of information on Hispanic History Month history. HHM was originally established during 1988 by President Ronald Reagan after he extended what was once “Hispanic Heritage Week.” This month-long event has become cherished by Hispanics and non-Hispanics alike. Hispanic Heritage Month is between September 15 – October 15 every year. It is a chance to learn more about Latinx culture and celebrate, its people, and their contributions toward our daily lives and the greater good.

We, Latinx people, are proud of our culture and to share it with the world. So, I hope the following Hispanic Heritage Month ideas inspire you get out there and enjoy this celebration with us, while honoring the diverse cultural melting pot within the United States. Our fishing and boating community is just as diverse, and it is important to recognize that positively. Here is an example of a TakeMeFishing Hispanic Heritage Month activity.


1. Learn about historical contributions

When learning about a culture, it is important to look at history. In this case, it’s nice to get acquainted with some prominent Hispanic Americans that have made contributions to their communities through their work in social justice, art and entertainment, sports, and even science, such as Cesar Chavez, Rita Moreno, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and even NASA astronauts! When it comes to the great outdoors, something we all love, The National Park Service has a well-documented page about how the Latinx community makes an impact in our national parks through their work. From park rangers to conservationists, you can learn more about how the Latinx voice is helping to preserve our natural resources daily. This includes making it possible for anglers and boaters to have good experiences on their outings out on the water.

2. Attend an event near you

Your local town is sure to have HHM activities, so make sure to check out your local paper, news, and community center. The Smithsonian also has resources on Hispanic Heritage Month, including events if you’re in the Washington D.C. area. But if you’re looking to be more hands-on with your experience as a Latinx, Latino Outdoors is an organization that offers nature-focused activities near your area, including birding, kayaking, and hiking.


3. Try a new recipe or cuisine

Latin American cuisine is full of exotic flavors and ingredients that you can add to your weekly meals and treats. Try to explore other countries’ cuisines by cooking or visiting a local restaurant. Mexican food is the most popular Latinx food in the United States, but let’s think outside the box and perhaps there’s a nice El Salvadorean restaurant that has nice pupusas (thick griddle cake or flatbread stuffed with cheese, beans, and sometimes shredded beef), or a good Peruvian chicken restaurant, or perhaps try making some delicious Colombian arepas one night. If you love seafood and fish recipes, look for a Latin dish with those ingredients, and you might discover a new delicious fish from Latin America! It will feel good to expand your culinary skills and try a new dish that your family may also love.

4. Dance the night away

While it is still warmer outside, it’s the perfect time to have a get together outdoors or perhaps if you go camping and want to do something different, you can add some Latinx sounds to your playlist. This can include anything from classic salsa, to merengue, to Latinx pop and you can simply listen or if you’re feeling like having a dance party, that’s always a good idea too.

If you’d like to learn more about Latin dance, there are plenty of tutorials on YouTube that can help you with simple steps. Don’t forget to just have fun with it!

5. Explore artwork

If you love creativity, see if there are any available art shows in your area that feature contemporary and modern Latinx artists, especially if you come across any show that might be outdoors or at a sculpture garden for some outdoor time with friends and family. Art is a fun way to learn more about any culture and there are some great modern and contemporary Latinx artists whose work you may enjoy and want to support. For instance, the National Gallery of Art always has events, in person and virtually, which can be a good choice.


6. Support a good cause

You can help support the Latinx community not just in the United States but also in Latin America. There are great organizations that help with the development of Latin American countries, or they help provide assistance to those in need, or even contribute to conservation efforts. See if there’s a cause or causes that you’re passionate about and how you can help assist in their mission to make this world a better place here in the United States or overseas.


For more Hispanic Heritage Month ideas, please check out this article.

Claudina Hannon
Claudina Hannon
Claudina Hannon is the Digital Content Manager for Take Me Fishing. She is a long-time writer, editor, and communications professional. Claudina grew up by the beach in the coastline of Peru. That’s why her connection with the water has always been present. But also, thanks to her uncle, who was an avid angler and boater. Today she shares her love of the outdoors, wildlife, and our natural resources through her daily life, writing, and overall work.