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Freshwater Versus Saltwater Fly Fishing: The Fight

A longer fly rod can offer tremendous advantages when it comes to fighting fish. 

Ode to the Woolly Bugger

I'm not very good at tying fancy fly patterns.

Are You Still Wading in Felt?

As most of you fly fishing enthusiasts probably know, a number of states (Alaska, Vermont, etc...

Wading Safety: What to Do If You Fall in the River

Sometimes, losing your footing and falling in the river — especially when you are wearing...

Five Easy Tips to Help You Be a Better Fly Caster

My favorite type of fishing is fly fishing, though I honestly love it all.

Teaching Kids Fishing: It Isn’t All About “Catching”

There’s no denying that feeling that “tug” is what turns kids on to fishing.

Fly Fishing Challenge: Catch a Trout Every Month on a Dry Fly

We all have certain goals for our fishing. For the trout fly fisher, catching a rainbow or a...

Leaders for Fly Fishing: The Critical Connection

There isn’t much that’s more frustrating than getting into position to drop a fly in...

Fly Fishing for Smallmouth Bass

The vast majority of the fly fishing world revolves around trout. And while trout are no doubt...

Tips for Grasshopper Fly Fishing

Just because the hot days of summer signal that the mayfly season is mostly behind us doesn&rsquo...

The Starter Fly Rod

Do you want to expand your horizons into fly fishing?  If you aren’t fly fishing...

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