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How to Maximize Family Fishing Time

“Lack of time” is a major reason families do not go fishing or boating together.

Fishing Rod Composition

The composition of your fishing rod can affect the way it feels and performs. Here are some of...

Custom Hot Rods

The holiday festivities are over and hopefully you received some fishing related gifts.

Tipping Point

Unfortunately, fishing rods break.

How Many Fishing Rods Does an Angler “Need?”

The average subscriber to Bass Angler Magazine has about 26 fishing rods.

How to Save Time With Ready to Use Fishing Gear

So, there you are… standing on the shore with your fishing rod in hand, poised and ready...

3 Pieces of Portable Fishing Gear for Camping Trips

Anyone who has planned a family camping trip knows that it can be a challenge to pare down all of...

On Hold

The best rod holder is your hands. After all, this is why we have opposable thumbs.

Fond of Fiberglass

The other day I dusted off an old favorite fly rod, took it fishing, and couldn’t help but...

First Fish

Fishing in my adopted home state is open all year long.

The Starter Fly Rod

Do you want to expand your horizons into fly fishing?  If you aren’t fly fishing...

Quick Fishing Rod Tip Top Repairs

These days, fishing rods are made to be light in weight. Blanks are made from high-modulus...

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