Closed Bow Runabouts

They are fast and ideal for smaller crews who enjoy the sleeker, and sportier look.

Closed Bow Runabout Details

Average Length: 16 to 28 ft.
Capacity: 8
Propulsion Type: Outboard Engine, Sterndrive Engine
Trailerable: Yes
Hull Type: Vee

These smooth, sporty boats are not as popular as they once were because of the popularity of bowriders and the extra seating they provide. However, they are fast and ideal for smaller crews who enjoy the sleeker, sportier look. And they can still get you to the fish. Instead of seating in the bow (forward area) the closed deck is used for storage.

How You Can Equip This Boat for Fishing

With plenty of amenities, these boats can be used for day trips, weekends and fun on the water. While these boats aren’t typically designed for fishing, you can add items that will make them ideal for use as small fishing boats. Closed bow boats offer good swim platform areas that can be used for family fishing. By adding rod holders and coolers, your family will enjoy time relaxing on the water while learning about the sport of fishing.

Advantages of a Closed Bow Runabout

Runabout boats are popular because they offer a wide variety of amenities. Most of the closed bow boats have cuddy cabins that can sleep anywhere from two to six people. A cuddy cabin may also have a small refrigerator, a head and a cooktop. This makes it possible for you to spend the weekend on your boat, enjoying the water. The best runabout boats have comfortable upholstered seating that is ideal for fishing and spending time on the water. You can even enjoy the water from seating areas on the bow of a boat.

Mechanically, most of these boats have either outboard engines or inboard-outboard engine configurations. These powerful engines work well for everything from waterskiing to tubing and can even be slowed down for trawling, an ideal speed for fishing. Bench seating and storage compartments can be used for weekend items, safety equipment and even the tools you may need to use your closed bow runabout as a small fishing boat.

Advice From Experts

Experts say that the best runabout boats have a high level of construction that will allow you to walk right out on the bow of a boat. Being able to walk out on the bow means that you can sit on the edge to go fishing if you would like. Look for boats that have plenty of power and storage for your days on the water. Knowing that your runabout has a full windshield will make handling heavier waters less of a problem, as you won’t have to deal with spray in your face and will have better visibility.

Why Buy a Closed Bow Runabout

This type of boat is very versatile. Not only can you enjoy fishing with your boat, but the best runabout boats also have cuddy cabins that will give you the option to spend the weekend on your boat. Some boats offer large swim platforms, storage and comfortable outdoor seating.

Don’t forget to register your boat, check your state boating rules and regulations before you leave the dock. Learn more about cuddy cabins in our next section.