Inboard Cruisers

These boats tend to be at least 30 feet long and have room for sleeping, and cooking.

Inboard Cruisers Details

Average Length: 26 to 75 ft. 
Propulsion Type: Inboard engine 
Trailerable: No 
Hull Type: Deep-vee 

Inboard Cruisers

Inboard cruisers tend to be at least 30 feet long and have even more room for creature comforts like sleeping, cooking and plumbing facilities. They feature a simple drive mechanism located in the hull that is often considered easier to maintain in salt water. They are steered with a rudder rather than by turning a propeller drive mechanism and sometimes require more skill to manage.

As larger motorboats, inboard cruisers are at home on the sea, the bay or large lakes. With enough space to take out several friends or family members, they are geared to sportfishing and day trips, as well as casual jaunts with no particular location in mind.

Activities You Can Do With Your Family on Inboard Cruisers

These boats are made for longer journeys. Since they have the power to get you someplace, such as the open ocean, quickly, they are well adapted to be saltwater fishing boats. Often, they have two spots for people to gather and be social. One is behind the cockpit. The other is on the front deck. Many have larger forward decks, which are perfect for sunbathing. As usual in boating, the amount of space is maximized in these cruiser boats. Depending on the make and model, there could be spaces that convert into dining areas or sleeping quarters. The larger vehicles often have more of an open plan for entertaining and have more amenities for cooking and plumbing.

Advantages of Inboard Cruisers

Inboard cruisers have the speed to get you where you are going and the comfort to allow you to hang out awhile once you get there. Usually sporting powerful inboard engines, they would be speedboats if they were any smaller. The goal of the fast motor is to get your group to where it needs to be, whether it's a marina, a favorite fishing spot or just calm open water for a dinner under the stars. There is enough seating for several people, and often there is a quick conversion to create extra seating. Some have a small cabin below deck for sleeping.

Advice From Experts

The inboard cruisers are V hull boats and are often described as having a “deep Vee.” This means that they are not made for shallower water. The steering is controlled by a rudder. Some experts say that this takes more skill to learn than more simple steering mechanisms. So take that into consideration in your purchasing. This design also boasts a simple drive mechanism in the hull that some say is easier to maintain in saltwater.

Why Buy This Boat

If you are interested in taking your boat out for hours at a time, an inboard cruiser might be the way to go. There is more room for entertaining here than in smaller boats, and your guests might be more welcome. Even the smallest ones start at around 26 feet and can manage a half dozen people comfortably. They scale up to 75 feet and can accommodate considerably more at that length.

Don’t forget to register your boat, check your state boating rules and regulations before you leave the dock. Learn more about inflatable fishing boats in our next section.