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Inflatable Fishing Boats

Inflatable Fishing Boats

These boats serve many uses, including saltwater or freshwater fishing, or water sports.

Inflatable Details

Average Length: 8 to 30 ft. 
Capacity: 6 
Propulsion Type: Outboard engine, stern-drive engine, jet engine, paddle
Trailerable: Yes 
Hull Type: Flat 

Activities You Can Do With Your Family on This Boat

Inflatable fishing boats offer boaters who want to try new waters the flexibility they need in order to travel to enjoy fishing and other water sports. These boats take many forms, including inflatable fishing kayaks and inflatable pontoon boats. In addition to time on the water fishing, your family will love that you can go exploring, get exercise and spend time in nature. For the true hobbyist, an inflatable boat can be a way to enjoy nature photography with scenes that you simply couldn’t get from land.

Advantages of an Inflatable Fishing Boat

The best inflatable boats stand out in two areas – their portability and their accessories. Most can be transported on a car roof or on a small trailer and then inflated once you get to your destination. What this means is that your inflatable pontoon boat or your inflatable fishing raft can go with you to areas that you have not experienced. Ideal for inland lakes, streams and rivers, these boats are highly portable.

In terms of power, the best inflatable boats may have outboard engines, trolling motors or paddles. The type of power depends on the size of the boat. For instance, inflatable fishing kayaks only come with paddles, whereas other inflatable fishing boats, such as pontoon boats, have motors.

Advice From Experts

Experts say that when you are looking for a blow-up boat, make sure to do your homework. While these boats can be versatile, they are not meant for heavy weather or rough waters. So, if you have a dream of fishing or doing water sports on larger bodies of water, this may not be the design for you and your family. As you can imagine, an inflatable fishing kayak is not the type of boat you want to be in if there is a serious storm brewing. Keep in mind, too, that these boats are good for a few hours on the water but not necessarily for a whole day, as the smaller sizes may lack additional seating and restroom facilities.

Why Buy an Inflatable Fishing Boat

One of the best reasons to purchase this type of boat is that it comes in so many different sizes that can be easily transported. Inflatable fishing rafts and kayaks can be strapped to the roof of your car, while larger styles can be trailered to a cabin for a weekend of family fun and fishing. In addition to fishing, these versatile boats can be used for exploring, daily exercise or experiencing life on the water and enjoying nature.

Don’t forget to register your boat, check your state boating rules and regulations before you leave the dock. Learn more about jon boats in our next section.