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Thirty Tips for Better R3 Practices

Thirty Tips for Better R3 Practices


Developed by RBFF and the American Sportfishing Association (ASA), here are the top 30 ideas to help your business or organization better recruit, retain and reactivate anglers and boaters. Download and print your favorites:

Survey Says
Survey Your Customers
Know Your Customer
Know Your Customers
Try Social Media Advertising
Try Social Media Advertising
Link to Fishing License Info
Link to Fishing License Info
Focus on Family
Host Family Events
Its a Family Affair
Welcome the Whole Family
Creative Customer Loyalty Programs
Use Creative Customer Loyalty Programs
Email Email Email
Utilize Email Marketing
Customer Brag Board
Create a Customer Brag Board
We Miss You Marketing
Win Back Lapsed Customers
Hello I'm An Expert
Provide Expert Information
Bundle Beginner Products
Bundle Beginner Products
Education is Key to Success
Educate Your Customers
We're Here for the Gear
Provide Gear for Effective Events
Be Mobile Friendly
Be Moblie Friendly
Conservation Through Participation
Promote Conservation Through Participation
Pump Up Your Pro Program
Pump Up Your Pro Program
Partnerships Work for Everyone
Partner With Local Organizations
Try Before You Buy
Start a Rod & Reel Rental Program
Ask Anglers to Mentor
Encourage Your Customers to Become Mentors
If You Stock It They Will Come
Know Where the Fish Are
Follow Up and Check In
Follow-Up With Customers
Celebrate Community
Celebrate and Support Your Community
Engage Diverse Influencers
Engage Diverse Influencers
Lend a Hand
Sponsor or Donate Time to Events
Showcase Diversity
Showcase Diversity in Your Marketing
Grouper Groupon
Offer Smart Deals
Fishing is Big News
Pitch the Benefits of Fishing to the Media
Bilingual Information
Provide Bilingual Information
Lapsed Angler License Purchase Reminder
Remind Your Customers to Purchase A License

Graphic design by Brian Hawkins, BHAWKINS, INC.

Download all 30 ideas in one document.