I Am An Angler

The face of fishing is changing. We’re here to tell the stories of all anglers. From urbanites to moms to kids to kids at heart. The boat is big enough for all of us and the water is open to everyone.

Stories of Anglers

See how these stories prove that fishing is truly for everyone and anyone.

Becoming an Outdoors-Woman (BOW): Finding Your Inner Outdoorswoman

A lot of magic can happen when 40 women get together to discover their inner outdoorswoman. After this three-day event, many of them realized their inner outdoorswoman was there all along.

LOOP NOLA: Getting Kids Out of the City and out of Their Comfort Zones.

Jon Skvarka created LOOP NOLA to give New Orleans youth the healing experience he had with the outdoors. Through outdoor activities, kids get to build confidence, social and emotional skills, communication, and an appreciation for nature.

Chastenation: Fishing For the Greater Good

When Chasten first took a young boy with spina bifida out fishing, she was hooked on helping others. Watch the inspirational story of Chasten Whitfield, Founder of Chastenation and learn how this young angler is dedicated to helping kids with disabilities get out on the water.

Nick Noorlind Rouner: Spinning records by night and spin casting by day

Brooklyn Native. DJ. World traveler. And angler. Nick Noorlind Rouner uses angling as a way to stay grounded and shows us that fishing can happen wherever you are.


Sandra Perez is a mother and grandmother, who loves seeing the look on her grandchild’s face as she passes down her love of fishing to the next generation. As social distancing becomes our new norm, more and more people are looking for ways to spend their time outdoors. For those who fish, there’s no better time to be out on the water reeling in their catch. For those who haven’t yet discovered the joys of fishing — well, it’s easy to learn. Take Me Fishing is hoping more families and individuals can bring fun fishing memories home this season. So go ahead and cast a line — we think you'll be hooked.

Fishing for Adventure

Join Victor & Nelson as they go fishing for the first time! In this video, they talk about their experience as beginners and learning how to bait a hook and how to cast.


Join this group of friends as they go fishing for the first time! Learn how they fished, what they caught, and the experiences they are sure to remember for a lifetime.

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